Welcome to Black Box Fort Worth.  I am Dutch and will be your guide on your new health and fitness journey.  At Black Box Fort Worth we strive to do more than just exercise.  We get excited about helping people transform their lives in a way they never thought possible.  Whether your goals are related to aesthetics, performance or simply health and longevity, we have the tools to assist you in your journey.

I would like to personally invite you to come see me and the new gym here. I want to meet with each and everyone of you and talk to you about your goals and tell you about what we do.  I even want to show you what we do so come ready to workout.  Email me Dutch@BlackBoxFW.com or call (817) 841 8678 to set up an appointment.  Appointments generally take between 45 min and an hour.  More info here.

Once you have gone through your introductory session we will decide together what program is best for you and your goals.  That is the easy part.  Once your program starts, the only thing I ask is for your full commitment to the program we have chosen for you.  I have tested each of these programs myself and stand behind everything we teach.

Our memberships initially will be considered Founders Memberships.  These are at least 25% off the normal price and will only last a limited time.  A founders membership will cover any program offered in an on going basis for the duration of your membership.  You will be considered a Founder so long as you remain a member.  The rate for the Founders Membership is $150/Month. No contract (an added benefit to being a Founder) and no long term commitment, although; we hope to earn your trust for a lifetime.

So take the next step in your fitness and life journey and come see me at Black Box Fort Worth.  Again, either call (817) 841 8678 or email: Dutch@BlackBoxFW.com to get started NOW!!

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