Getting to Know ME

Hello Fort Worth!!

I think it is very important to have an understanding of what motivates people to do the things they do.  Without this understanding it is very hard to, in the case of a gym, prescribe the proper workout routine.  Thats why I sit down with everyone that walks in the door and listen to what they are saying, not saying and get a clear definition of their goals.  Once this is clear we determine an appropriate path to accomplish these goals and more.  Many times there is more to it than just exercise although i like to think of exercise and ultimately this gym as the conduit through which I am able to transmit some life changing information.

Ok, back to ME.  While it is very important for me to know you and what makes you tick, its equally important for you to know me and what makes me tick.  For the most part i am pretty laid back but there are a couple things that get me fired up.  One of those is Health.  I have no desire to live forever, unless all of you can live forever with me, but i do want to have a Healthy, Happy life.  On this premise i have committed to learning everything i can about the Human Animal.  I usually take what i learn and apply it to myself as i am in a constant state of experiment with my body.  I do this for you.  So i can tell you what my personal experiences are with a certain recommendation.

I also understand that each and everyone of you are different and what is appropriate for me, may not work for you.  This is true with everything from nutritional needs to exercise to sleep to stress management.    That is why you see me lifting heavy weights and then turn around and tell someone else to run for their fitness program.   Lifting weights supports my goals and gets me excited to workout but i totally understand that everyone is not me.  That would make my life too easy… 😉

Bottom line is i am here for you.  I wouldn’t have started a gym focused on impacting peoples lives if i didn’t have a desire to help others change.  Don’t feel guilty about walking in the door and hanging out for hours.  You are always welcome, especially if you bring food!

Come see me!!


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