Now The Hard Work Begins!!

Welcome!  You are now a part of the Black Box Fort Worth Family.  I use the word Family on purpose because we will treat each and every one of you like you are my family.  Welcome and thank you for placing your trust in us.  We look forward to our journey together.  Now on to the important stuff…

What we do here is Hard.  The weights feel heavy and the air gets thin sometimes but these are the things we have to push through to accomplish the goals we set for ourselves.  Don’t have any specific goals?  Come talk to us and we will help you set some attainable goals that will keep you motivated to do the hard work necessary.

Hard work does not mean more work.  We take pride in preparing the most comprehensive fitness and health program we can while not overworking people.  We believe that if daily tasks are hindered on a consistent basis then life is no fun, therefore; we strive to listen to you and train hard when it is appropriate and train smart when necessary.  Having said that, we realize that you have placed your trust in us to provide you the best program we can and we will do everything in our power to keep you healthy while helping you progress and march toward your goals.

All you have to do is come in the door, ready for some Hard Work!


Snatch Technique work:
Push Press: 5×5
Followed by:
500m row
Full recovery
500m row
Full Recovery
3x max plank for time

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