The key for YOUR Sucess

Finding the key to YOUR success is really one of the hardest things to do now a days in fitness and Health. Unfortunately we have been mislead by those we are supposed to trust the most and therefore are left with an empty feeling when it comes to finding the right thing. Sometimes the right thing for you goes against what some of the experts say is right.
Its unfortunate that we have been put into this cookie cutter lifestyle where “experts” tell us one thing is right for everyone; whether its diet, exercise, sleep of stress. Don’t get me wrong, if there was one answer for everyone, my job would be much easier and i wouldn’t have to learn so damn much but in reality, and you already know this, WE ARE ALL DIFFERENT.
At Black Box Fort Worth we embrace that. We understand that an effective fitness program for one person includes only weightlifting, while for another it may include some running and for another it may include a lower stress exercise program. We also see this in your diet. What works very well for me, may not show you the results you want or in fact push you the other way on the spectrum of health.
For this simple reason, WE ARE ALL DIFFERENT, Black Box Fort Worth takes the time to sit down with each new member and come up with a plan that suits them and supports their goals. Interested in finding out what is best for you? Call or email to set up an appointment TODAY!

Clean Deadlift 5×5 (Light weight, positions are very important!)
Followed by:
8 Step ups each leg
8 Push Ups (weighted if necessary)
Rest 2 min (work on squat mechanics and flexibility)

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    Congratulations Dutch! So happy for you and Meggie. Lindsey and I cant wait to see BBFW dominate the health and fitness market in FW. We look forward to making it down there soon.


    PS – Lindsey PR’d in her clean last night at 165#, and shouldve had 170#. Just think 2 years ago it was 100#

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      Can’t wait to have you down to train a bit. Know that you are always welcome.
      Also I am planning a local gym owner gathering so keep your ear to the ground.
      Congrats Lindsey!! Being strong is fun right?

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    Cant wait to see the spot and I’m incredibly happy for you and Meggie. Keep up the hard work and I hope to get up there soon and get some work done!