There will be a class this saturday morning at 9am!  Come have some Fun!

From the time we are forced to go to school, we sit. Sitting is good if you are resting between sets as i often tell people to do. However; sitting for hours at a time can do some funky stuff to our body. Those of you with small children (Less than 2 years) can watch them waddle around the house and squat down to pick things up. There could not be a more natural movement than squatting but assess yourself compared to your child or people in less civilized societies and lets talk about where sitting has gotten us.
Sitting does a couple things:

  1. Allows you to relax and take some strain off your feet and legs.
  2. Over time, it can shorten some muscles, and lengthen others giving you an unbalanced body.

The relaxation part isn’t bad so long as you are working hard when you are standing.  The shortening and lengthening of muscle groups is quite a problem.

From a training standpoint when muscles shorten you can think of an immediate decrease in your ability to go through a full range of motion.  To combat this we need to push ourselves to go through a full range of motion unloaded of course.  We only go into extreme ranges of motion with no load.  We shorten that range of motion when the weight is added.

Ok, on to how to address the sitting syndrome (tight hips, sore lower back, tight pecs, forward head tilt).

We can start by creating length where things have shortened : The hips, shoulders, pecs, and neck flexors.  For the hips anything from pulling the heel to the butt to a more advanced stretch that we do in the gym where your knee is on the floor and your foot is between a wall and your butt.  With all of these stretches you simply have to walk in the door to get some guidance.  For the pecs, think about the door jam stretch.  Pin one arm parallel to the door frame and twist into it.  You should feel it in your pecs, also referred to as your boob.  This will also assess some shoulder tightness.

For your  neck you will want to put your head back where it belongs which is over your shoulders (not the shoulders that are forward but the ones that are back and proud looking).   First simply push the chin straight back.  Not up but straight back so your head and ears specifically are over the middle of your proud shoulders.  For most this will feel like a strange position but i assure you, you will feel better and look taller which for us short people is always a good thing.

I would love to see each and everyone that walks in the gym each day do these stretches to combat the daily sitting we do.

If anyone is interested in coming to a class Saturday Morning at 9am please let me know either by email, comment, or in the gym.  We will not have a class unless you tell me that you will be there.



Handstand Practice

Followed by:

3 rounds

10 barbell rows

10 pushups

20 box jumps

3x 12 wt situps.

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  1. Stefan McFarland says


    Amen on this. My 8 yr old has horrible hamstrings now and I have no one to blame but myself for letting him sit with poor posture all of the time. It’s amazing to see the difference between him and our youngest (almost 4). At least I’ve identified it early enough, and we’re making big strides (literally) in lengthening them back out.