Nationals Recap

So, Nationals was this weekend and i’m really glad its over. You may not have seen it but i turn into a big bundle of stress before a big meet like this. I think its the fact that i have to make weight and that always worries me but also this is a sport that is different than any other i have played in my life. In weightlifting you get an instant to prove your skill and strength. This is different than a soccer game where you have at least 90 minutes to get in the flow of the game or even baseball where you have at least 3 chances every time you go up to bat.

In weightlifting if you miss your first attempt, you throw off each attempt after that. The first one is the lightest weight but the hardest lift. It is your first chance to stand in front of the crowd, touch the bar on the platform, be judged for the lift. Your nerves are high and your heart rate is higher. Then you have to make a successful lift.

Bottom line, i’m glad its over but excited to do better next time. The fun part about weightlifting is that there is always more weight…

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