First of all lets talk about why I do the things i do.
I drink Coffee black for the caffeine. Sometimes Tea.
I drink Tequila on the rocks for the alcohol.
I eat beef, barely cooked and with little seasoning for the nourishment.
I lift heavy weights so i can be strong.

To me this all seems pretty simple. I think it is important for people to shift their perspective to why they do something. Bottom line, we eat for nourishment so why muddy the waters with food that won’t nourish you? I don’t want you to think that i am perfect with regards to nutrition so here is my reasoning for not allowing/ liking cheating.

Would you cheat on your taxes? (those that would probably aren’t checking my blog so i’ll assume everyone tries to be legit)
The word cheat, to me, is a big negative and makes people feel guilty. Have you ever been accused of cheating in a sport or even a family game of monopoly? It doesn’t feel good. I hate the word, especially when it is used in regards to diet. It gives what you did a negative feel and only sets you up to feel like a failure. I would never encourage someone to cheat on their taxes, so why would i tell them its ok to be unhealthy. If you can’t stick to a healthy diet (when i say diet i mean what you eat on a daily basis over a long period of time, not what you find in “diet” books) you need to shift your perspective and quit using food as a crutch.

I don’t want anyone to feel like i never have a vanilla shake, or go party my ass off occasionally, because i do. I just don’t set out to cheat, nor do i see this as cheating. I have curbed the craving for these things by being disciplined. I no longer crave that sort of stuff. I now dream about steak and bacon…
Shift your perspective, don’t cheat, its never ok.

If you do something, do it for a reason. If you enjoy training and don’t care about seeing results then do the same with your eating. If you train for a reason, and you should have a defined goal, grab a little focus and get down to business.
Drink your coffee for a reason, train for a reason and if you are gonna eat something, eat it for a reason.

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  1. Court says

    great life lesson, Sunshine! My two pennies- if you’re going to do anything, do it for a reason.