Running Hard vs. Running Far

At BlackBox Fort Worth you may notice either based on personal experience or from reading our workouts daily that we don’t do ANY long distance running or “cardio” type workouts. This is on purpose but more on that later. What you do see alot of is sprints, or shorter, more effort based runs. This is instead of longer distance runs. We do this for a couple reasons:

  1. When you look at exercise, it can be categorized as a STRESSOR on the body.  Any kind of exercise is a stressor.  The longer you exercise, the more stress you impose on the body.  This, in theory, is a good thing provided we have a chance to recover from the added stress.  Unfortunately in the world we live in, not many people get adequate time to truly recover.  Even notice the day after a hard training session you are kinda tired, lethargic or feel like you are getting sick?  Yea, thats lack of recovery.
  2. We live stressful lives already.  Many of you look at exercise as a way to release stress and it can be in some forms (walking, light yoga, tai chi, playing catch etc…) but what most of us view as exercise is not considered stress relief.  In fact, depending on the mode, it can cause more stress on the body.  At BlackBox we provide the kind that CAUSES more stress but we do so in a way that allows you enough time to recover properly.
  3. Running long distances causes a slow trickle of stress (cortisol, a hormone associated with stress and also with belly fat) which only adds to the already high levels we face during the day.  It sucks but the body can’t distinguish the difference between a long run and a chronically stressful emotional situation like divorce or a big project at work.  So, as a result our body handles each the same way.
  4. Running hard, for a short period of time, allows us to work hard, elevate the heart rate and build anaerobic capacity (your bodies ability to work in the ABSENCE of oxygen) while giving the smallest effective dose of stress necessary for physiological adaptation ( getting more fit, losing weight, getting stronger).

I could ramble on about this all day but the bottom line is that running isn’t bad, running far (and slow) is bad.  So, if you come to BlackBox we got you taken care of, but if you don’t, run hard and run fast (remember, its relative).

Heavy KB swings x 6
Followed by:
4 rounds
10 thrusters (KB or DB)
10 burpees
Rest 2 min after 2 rounds

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  1. l says

    i keep having to remind myself of all this stuff, when we live in a world where fitness and health is measured by how many miles you run a day and how often. I find myself getting sucked into that world when i see all the trail runs and holiday 5k’s (not that i have done any recently). i always stop and ask kat if we are going to do a particular run (especially when smokey can run with us:)). she hits me and tells me to go pick up something heavy:)lol

  2. Court says

    Don’t ever have to worry about me running. Except for that Color Run you want me to run with you! Today’s workout was made for me. Thanks, Sunshine! You know me well!