The Challenge (tracking)

Tracking will take place by each individual. The individual will then bring that info to the gym where they will compile their data with their team leader. The team leader will then make sure the teams data is up to date on a weekly basis. There will be an overall team score sheet that everyone will be able to see.

Each individual will be responsible for tracking their results on a daily basis. You will have the responsibility of tracking 2 things!

  1. Whether you ate according to the rules for that entire day.  It is suggested to keep a food log in order to ensure that you are on track.
  2. Whether you came to the gym or did a workout worthy of a point.

These are the only 2 things you need to track on a daily basis.

Team leaders will be required to compile fellow team members data on a weekly basis.  This will consist of 2 categories:

  1. Daily Nutrition adherence (1 point/day)
  2. Weekly Workout Frequency (Up to 5 points a week)

There will be a spreadsheet for each team as well as an over all spreadsheet with teams listed and scores posted.

The results of your workouts will be tracked as well but i will keep those at the gym for reference after the final workout is completed.  We will have a Saturday event on February the 18th where we will finish all workouts that were not completed earlier in the week as well as have a fun Bar-b-Que for our prize presentation.

HEavy KB swings x6
Single Leg Squats x 8
Followed by:
4 rounds
200m run
10 KB swings
10 lunges

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