Thoughts on The Challenge

Ok, so we are a week and a half into our first ever challenge at BlackBox Fort Worth. Lets take stock of where we are and what might be going on with your body.

Its likely you are pretty sore at this point. The last couple days of training has been pretty brutal and i know that. Luckily there will be a little respite today and tomorrow then next week we dive right back in. Remember to take advantage of the weightlifting classes Monday Wednesday and Friday mornings at 6am and Monday Wednesday and Thursday night at 630pm. Fixing some minor technical issues with your lifts can give you some easy points.

Have you started to notice anything about your body? I have noticed a couple of you looking REALLY good lately and its not just the new haircut or new clothes. Besides looking good you may start to notice little things like recovering quicker from workouts, an absence of allergies or gastric distress. You may also find that you have more energy throughout the day or that you are more alert throughout the day. If you haven’t noticed this stuff yet, take a minute to reflect on your daily life and try to identify what might be changing in your life.

Please share them with us on the Blog if you want.

KB swings x6
Med ball throws x8
Followed by:
5-7 15 sec sprints on rower or air dyne.

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  1. Kris says

    the biggest change for me is that I’m hungry about every 3 to 4 hours and need to eat. And when I say eat – I mean, give me half a cow or I’ll turn into Linda Blair on ya’.