Upcoming Events

I have been rambling about these events the last couple months and they are finally upon us! Saturday February 4th is a big day here at BlackBox Fort Worth. Unfortunately, we will NOT have saturday classes. However; you should all check out the events we are hosting as they pertain directly to your performance in the gym and keeping yourself more healthy over time.

The first event will be put on by our very own Dr. Michael Hartman. He will spend 4 hours talking about and leading you through techniques on recovery and over training. It will be a hands on event with all kinds of new techniques on assessing your training and recovery and learning some new techniques to staying injury free!
Sign up here: http://blackboxfwrecovery.eventbee.com

The second and third events will be in the afternoon and directed towards skill development and specifically in the Snatch and clean and jerk. It will be taught by my coach, Ursula Garza, a world renowned olympic lifting coach. She has an special ability to see movement AND give you specific cues to fix it. Trust me, this is well worth attending. Sign up here: Beginner: http://blackboxfwursula1.eventbee.com
Or here: Advanced: http://blackboxfwursula2.eventbee.com

For those of you in the challenge, either event will count for your workout for the day so do not hesitate to get your ass in here and do some learning!

Renegade Row x 8
Single Leg Squat x 8
Followed by:
4x800m run

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