Coconut: The Miracle Nut

Since i am fresh back from Hawaii and eating many coconuts and drinking many coconut containing beverages, i thought it fitting to share with you why this nut is so damn awesome.

  1. It is packed with nutrients that make you more healthy and don’t take away from your healthy. Many foods have both health benefits and consequences and i think Coconuts are the only one that there isn’t much argument whether its healthy for you.
  2. It has boat loads of Medium Chain Saturated Fatty acids that fortify the immune system and make the cells of your body more able to accept nutrients and reject waste.
  3. Its water is packed with Minerals that support your organs and help you stay hydrated with a balanced pH.
  4. Coconut milk, a ground up portion of the pulp is a great cooking agent and lends well to making things like mashed sweet potatoes more creamy. Not only does it help with taste but the added fat helps slow digestion of carbs and allows for a more balanced blood sugar level.
  5. Its oil is an excellent cooking agent as it can withstand high heats without smoking or burning.

So, if Coconut is not a part of your diet then you are missing out in a big way. Do yourself a favor and take a teaspoon of coconut oil a day and try to incorporate this wonderful nut more completely into your diet.

High Box Jumps x 6
Single Leg Squat x 6
Followed by:
4 rounds
100m sprint
8 single arm KB swings each arm
10 push ups
Rest 90 seconds

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