The next part of our program i want to talk about is Conditioning. I’m not sure i fully understand it although i can probably throw out a reasonable explanation for it but Intensity in exercise is a good thing. It produces results in both strength and conditioning that are not present in low or moderate intensity programs. THis is not to say that low and moderate intensity exercise don’t have their place, They do.

At BlackBox we tend to shift towards the moderate and High intensity side of things, leaving the low intensity for walking the dogs or doing yoga. Both Very important activities and highly recommended for everyone that trains here. You are usually instructed on how your intensity is expected to be on any given day so we leave out the guess work. This is dependent on how you are feeling coming in. It is always expected that you work to your capabilities for THAT day and are not encouraged to go hard just because everyone else is. We understand that everyone is not on the same life schedule, so just because i had a great nights sleep and have been eating well all week doesn’t mean that you weren’t up all night stressed out about something. As a result our intensities should be different even if we are doing the same workout.
Its YOUR responsibility to make that call on a daily basis.

Now on to the more technical stuff when it comes to creating conditioning workouts. I try to use a couple guidelines when creating conditioning and try not to lose sight of the general nature of the training.

  • Volume is very closely monitored.  If this is not a priority I easily find myself creating workouts with too much volume.  By volume i mean doing high repetitions of any one movement pattern.
  • Training Movement Patterns over exercises.  When you look at exercises you can see how they are similar and how they are different.  In the lower body you have jumping or hip dominant exercises and squatting or knee dominant exercises.  In the upper body you have pushing and pulling.  A number of exercises incorporate both hip and knee dominant exercises like the clean.
  • We use intervals to allow for higher relative intensity.  I don’t like the extended conditioning sessions where you are working for 10-15 minutes straight through and in fact think they are counter productive for many people and their goals.
  • We prioritize quality movement over fast movement.  Quality movement keeps you safe and able to train harder and longer.
  • We use simple exercises in Conditioning.  The higher the skill requirement the less of a conditioning stimulus you will get.  We use simple but hard movements.  Burpees anyone?


Single Leg Squat x 6
Good Mornings x 10
Followed by:
3-5 rounds
10 heavy KB swings
100m row sprint
Rest 90 seconds

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  1. 2Pood Shakur says

    I like how you compared yoga to walking the dog. Are you going to take that Amar???