Get a Coach

As Michael and I sit staring at my computer screen this morning, it dawned on us how important it is to have a coach. Michael has been working on the KettleBell Snatch for some time now and as we sit and watch video after video of people snatching we still can’t figure out what to do when you bring it down. There is some funny twisting/swing that helps keep you from tearing your hands to shreds but all we can’t figure it out… (Nathan, I will need a tutorial again.)

This brings up an important point about coaching. Whether its movement or accountability, a coach can see what you can’t. As a weightlifter its impossible to get immediate feedback using a mirror and you are limited by your own knowledge when it comes to using video. Having a coach that has a clear understanding of a movement can make HUGE difference in the way you progress. It is the difference between making constant progress and being held up till you have some sort of break through.

When it comes to accountability, your coach should call you out when you are slacking and be able to pat you on the back when you are doing well. We don’t always see ourselves sliding. I think its normal for things to get a little lax the longer you are doing it and its key to have a coach that can put you in check.

Need a coach? Want someone to fix your movement? We can help.

Hip Snatch x 3
Front Squat x 3
Followed by:
3-5×30 KB swings
30-45 sec rest

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