Living Naturally

At BlackBox Fort Worth we have a 4 step nutrition plan. Step 4 is to get yourself as close to nature as possible. Its about supporting yourself from the land and treating the Earth like its not a renewable resource. We feel that this is the responsible way to support ourselves and our planet and urge everyone to get behind this. If that only means buying organic food, or doing your best to source all natural meats and fish or even going into your back yard, digging in the dirt and planting some seeds.


Over the last week we have been doing just that at the ever growing Lowy Farm. In the picture you can see our two layer gardens (post coming on that soon), our compost pile, the chicken coop and the two terrors (Unfortunately they don’t do anything but play a support role). I am looking forward to our first little worker to arrive in August.

What have you done to support our planet? (Even an small herb garden counts) What can we help you do to support the planet?

KB Snatch Practice
Back Squat x 5
Followed by:
800m run
3 rounds
5 pullups
10 burpees
10 Medball Situps w/ Throw

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  1. Meg says

    Herbs are the easiest. Try something really hardy first like sage, oregano, mint or rosemary!

  2. l says

    My sister planted mint once-it went crazy!! we had mint all over the place and still do:) congratulations on your pregnancy:)

  3. l says

    there are some beautiful rosemary bushes around our house. my sister is trying to grow one of them:)