Final Notice to NOTICE

Did you know that much of my job as your coach is to get you to notice things? Then its also my job to help you notice that you are noticing. Ever wonder why i ask you how you are feeling every single day? Its to help you do a full body scan so you notice how you are actually feeling.

Stick with me here cause this is where it gets a little funny but i want you to take it a step further and notice that you are noticing. In the gym its easy. You may notice that your quads are sore, thats usually obvious. Whats not so obvious is when you notice that you are noticing. Its part of the path to enlightenment i’m sure and doesn’t take any effort just an awareness of where your mind is.

How do we apply this outside of the gym? At work when you have a big workload and are super stressed its sometimes hard to reflect on what is going on to make you stressed. The simple act of noticing stress can help you be more aware of the things that cause stress but, taking it a step further, noticing that you identified the stress will help you come to terms with it and figure out how to adjust for it.

This takes surprisingly little effort and is quite simple. The internal dialogue might go like this:
Self: Wow, i’ve been really busy lately and feel pretty stressed out.
Self2: Ive just noticed that i am under stress and am observing it in myself.

You may see that noticing that you are noticing has nothing to do with action. Its simply an act of observation a little deeper than you might normally observe.

See what you can notice that you are noticing today.
Don’t be shy, post it to comments.

Planche Work
Power Snatch
Sn Pull
Followed by:
2 ROunds
800m sprint
30 burpees
Rest 3 minutes

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