Industrialized Oils

Industrialized Oils are the hidden ingredient behind your favorite potato chips, pre-prepared meals (Yes Central market), and basically anything that seems cheaper than it should be. Like High Fructose Corn Syrup, manufacturers seem to be able to slide it into just about anything that is in a package. This makes it tough to find healthy snack food but trust me you can avoid them and be more healthy for it.

Industrialized oils are the cheap ones (Corn oil, Canola, safflower, sunflower, soybean, peanut, and cotton seed oil to name a few.). The ones that are included in most prepared foods we buy and used in cooking at cheaper restaurants. The problem with these oils are:

  1. They are highly processed.  Usually at temperatures of 500 degrees or higher which will kill all things good, if it even existed in the first place.
  2. They are naturally HIGH in Omega 6 which in itself isn’t bad but combined with low Omega 3 diets and High Omega 6 content of our diets can throw things out of wack.  Omega 6 is known for increasing the inflammatory response in the body which is linked to heart disease and diabetes (type 2).   Being off balance and with the high volume of omega 6s is a huge problem especially when you are asking your body to perform difficult tasks like this:
  3. They tend to be rancid upon production and as a result are unsafe to cook with or, even more importantly, consume.
  4. They are mainly PUFA (Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids) which in excess, and it doesn’t take much to be excessive, can promote Digestive dysfunction, Cancer growth, skin rashes, and allergies.
  5. They promote obesity because of their ability to throw off the omega 6 to omega 3 ratio.  Ideally you want to have a ratio of 1-2:1 but that tends to be hard without supplementation.

Based on even just a couple of the points above, I think its worth thinking twice before eating those potato chips or french fries.  The long term damage to your arterial walls, digestive system, and immune system it may be a good idea to limit or cut out completely these cheap oils.  What do you think?

Front Squat +Jerk
Chin Ups x 6
Followed by:
Barbell Complex:
Cl Deadlift
hang Clean
Front Squat

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  1. Meg says

    Very helpful post! I typically only cook with bacon fat, olive oil, coconut oil and butter. Are these ok? I roast a lot of vegetables in olive oil but now I am wondering if this too goes rancid at such a high temp.

    I was suprised to see sunflower oil on the list on the basis that sunflower seeds are ok to eat, so the oil must be ok…