Finding your lost Motivation


Motivations is a funny thing. We are all motivated by different things, from wanting to look good naked to wanting to lift a certain amount of weight to wanting to stay healthy, each goal is individual to the person and valid.

The real questions is what do you do when you have lost that original motivation? Sometimes its life circumstances (Baby?), sometimes its injury, sometimes its vacation or work getting more busy that keeps us out of the gym. Regardless the original reason for slowing or stopping your exercise schedule the real tricky part is figuring out how to motivate you to get back in the gym.

For me lately, its been tough to drag my old tired bones into the gym to actually accomplish anything. Lately workouts have been super short and light weights (that feel heavy). My purpose isn’t so much to get stronger, but to keep good movement patterns and find the passion i had before Davis.

I think its important for people to know when to take a break from exercise but its also important to know when to come back. Have you gotten your schedule sorted out so you can get back in the gym? Have you found a new performance goal?

Some things that have helped me get back on the horse:

  • Get with your coach and set some goals, realistic and achievable in the short term.
  • Block off time in your schedule for “exercise”
  • Don’t worry so much about the effort, but worry more about just getting to the gym. You don’t have to work hard, you just need to show up. As you are ready, you will work hard.
  • Be ok with “Just getting some good movement”. Not every lift needs to be a PR. make sure you tell your coach you aren’t feeling your best.
  • Realize that motivation is 100% in your head. Sometimes you need to wait for it to come back around.
  • Be patient and don’t beat yourself up for not setting PRs.

I hope this helps some of you that haven’t been in the gym lately. I know we ask for you to work hard when you come in but if its hard for you to just get in the gym, maybe we can take it easy for a couple days or weeks till you are back in the swing of things.

What helps you get back on track?

High Box Jumps x 5
Push Up Variations x 8
Partner Workout:
80 Wall balls
100 Kb swings
400m run with Partner
40 Burpees

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