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Written by: Ashleigh Burns

I’m not strong enough.

One of the most amazing things I have learned and remind myself of everyday is: I
will never be a great weightlifter. It’s true. There’s no judgment there, no hate, and
no irrationality. I can say this, because I have spent the past year of my life in a gym.
Only to find that while I have fixed the problem of xyz, there is still abc. That’s the
name of the game and that’s what we, as weightlifters, sign up for. There is always
something, and hopefully, always will be. If it was simple and mundane like mowing
the lawn, cleaning the house, or re-caulking the bathtub….we’d all save some money
and stay home.

As weight lifters, we consistently think of strong as something we can do, count, and
otherwise prove while wearing a tight stretchy onesie. However, something that I
see and feel in the gym, almost everyday, is a consistent struggle with the strength of
the mind. How is that possible in a Strength and Conditioning gym?

If your mind is a tree then the leaves are your actions. They change in color, size,
vibrancy and are almost always, seasonal. Think of actions you did prior to finding
your highest peak of health, your highest peak of leadership, your best financial
state. They were learned from a season in your life. A time when you needed a
change and found the means to make it. The leaves then fell, new ones grew and
you had a renewed life.

Your actions are a direct reflection of your thoughts. Thoughts are branches.
Branches are responsible for not only outreach but support and upmost, survival.
If the branches (our thoughts) are not supporting the leaves in this common
phenomenon of trunk survival and oxygen supply, what is the tree to do now? Die?

The trunk is your natural state, the wild and primitive way of being, prior to any
ambiance or unnecessary toxicity added by society. Simply put, the trunk is you.
Remove the leaves, remove the branches, and all but cut down the tree…. you are
still you. Even if all that is left is a stump, it’s you.

So who are you? Does your branch support your leaves? Are your leaves brown or
are they green? Does your trunk flourish off the work done by your branches and
leaves or does it strongly disagree?

When you think to your trunk’s greatest state of being and happiest of seasons, what
do you see? Furthermore, what do you see now?

If we don’t like the way our leaves blow or the pace that our seasons change, we
have the power to change it. Then when that doesn’t work, because it won’t due to
labeling something bad, good, or ugly… there is beauty of acceptance. Here and only
here is where you can find the best you can be.

Hang snatch x3
Back squat x4
Followed by:
3 sets
5 pwr cleans
20 box jumps
400 m run
Rest 90 seconds.

Sn from platform x2
Sn pull from platform x4

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  1. meggie says

    Great article Ash! My weightlifting leaves are looking pretty brown lately. Guess I better get on those squats… :)