What We Do

We are a community committed to helping everyone along their health and fitness journey. We truly believe that fitness is a lifelong journey, not a destination; therefore, it is ongoing and continually evolving. We take pride in our product and strive to get better everyday so we can support you on your journey. We believe that hard work is hard, but is the key to success.

We are invested in your growth and development and want to support you in any way possible.

Lastly, and most importantly, we like to have fun!

What we Do:

We get Results.

Whether you have specific weight loss goals, are a competitive athlete or just want to stay healthy, we have a program ideal for you.

We like functional movements (things you do everyday) at an appropriate intensity for your goals. We also believe in progressing you at an appropriate pace as we teach high quality movement in order to set a solid base to propel you towards those goals.

At BlackBox, we feel that we have a place for everyone from those looking for a competitive group atmosphere, to private coaching where you and a coach can work together to achieve your specific goals.

We are NOT a Crossfit facility, but we do utilize many of the ideas originated from Crossfit Methodology.

For those interested in our group coaching, here is an example of what you will experience. Keep in mind that all of this is performed under the guidance and knowledgeable eye of one or more of our coaches, as we are an all-coaching facility.

  • Short Aerobic warm up (Running, Rowing, Jumping rope) – Elevate the heart rate and warm the muscles.
  • Mobility/Movement Prep/Prehab – Increase range of motion while preparing the nervous system for increased demands.
  • Skill Work – Teach or perfect at least 1 functional movement per day.
  • Strength Work – Strength is relative but necessary for everyone.  We provide a safe environment to get stronger in many different ways.  (i.e. body weight movements, loaded movements, speed and power development)
  • Conditioning – We take a different approach to conditioning.  Conditioning is planned to be effective and efficient.  More is not better, Better is Better.  Intensity is prescribed and closely monitored during class.
  • Stretch/Recover/Talk – This is a time to take care of your body AND your mind.  We will talk about nutrition and other factors that go into making you as healthy as possible.

A typical class will vary but will usually include most of the components listed above and take anywhere from 45 min to 1 hour.

Everyone is encouraged to come early and stay late, not only to socialize, but to take care of your body through stretching and other regenerative processes.