Working Smarter

I haven’t always been one to find the most efficient path. In fact, on occasions, it takes other people stepping in and showing me how to do certain things.

How does this relate to health and fitness? Thanks for asking. At BlackBox you may notice that our conditioning tends to be on the shorter side. We do that on purpose. There are many reasons, but the best of which is to protect you from yourself. High intensity exercise is fun and quite addicting ( I am a recovering Intensity fiend) but can get you in trouble in many ways. A couple of those include: Doing too much (volume), doing things wrong (fatigue), doing it when it’s not appropriate (adding stress on top of stress).
Without getting into hormones and arguing about exercise methods, wouldn’t you agree that if we can accomplish your goals with less work, then that would be ideal? I would think so. That is why you will notice that our conditioning is shorter than most traditional cardio prescriptions. We work hard, but we are also working smarter.

-Dutch Lowy

Monday S&C Workout:
Pwr Cl+PP x2+1,
Wt step ups x6;

3 sets:
400m Run,
6 Mr. Spectaculars (sometimes even WE think Blake makes these up for a good laugh)

Day 1:
-Clean Opener
-FS clean max x2
-RDL x3

Day 2:
-Pwr Cl x2
-Jerk x2 (non meet)
-Push Press x2

Day 3:
-Cl x1 @ 70%
-Cl Pull x2 @ 90%
~Non Meet~
-Snatch x2
-FS + Jerk x2+2
-Sn Pull x3

Day 4:
-Snatch x1
-C&J x 1
-BS x4

Recovery.. How to.

Well, now that we have decided that we need to keep a close eye on our training and our bodies ability to recover, the question is: Can we help our body recover quicker?


Below are some manual therapies that you can do on yourself. There are other ways to help your body recover. The main one being nutrition. You are literally made up of what you eat and drink. Like the chicken you ate last night is going to repair your muscles that you trained this morning. More on this later but always keep that in mind. I like to think of my rest day as my day to heal which to me, means EAT and EAT well.

You see the above rack (stall Bars)? That is perfect for speeding recovery. Stretching not only stretches the muscles to some extent but it also gets blood flow to your poor muscles that ache so badly that walking hurts. Blood flow is a good thing when it comes to recovery. So therefor stretching is a good first step.

Want to take the next step? See the PVC pipes. They are there for something called Self Myofascial Release (SMFR) which also increases blood flow to muscles while also allowing your fascia to lengthen and stretch as well. This is kinda tough to accomplish from just stretching.

Wanna go even deeper? I will keep with the self help theme and skip massage, but that is a great option if you are feeling super sore or stiff. The next step is to ice whatever hurts or take an ice bath for the whole body wellness. The ice reduces inflammation and creates a vacuum for the blood again to get pumped out of the muscles then be allowed to flood back in to flush much of the stuff that slows down the function and recovery of the muscles.

Of course as we always talk about, sleep, reduction of stress and nutrition play a huge role in your bodies ability to recover. See how this is becoming a complete package? Yeah, it’s that important to have all the pieces put together.

Start with some stretching next time you are feeling a little stiff and see how that makes you feel the next day. Next try some SMFR with a tennis ball or PVC. Lastly get excited about an ice bath for those really hard training sessions.

Want some specific stretches? Come see a coach and point to what is tight and I will do my best to get it worked out before you leave.

Friday S&C Workout:
Seated box jump x4,
Press x4;

5 sets: AFAP
7 wall balls,
7 burpees,
Rest 3 min,


Or rather WHY we breathe.   Many of you may think you know the answer to the question of why we breathe, but let me talk a little about why it is we really breathe.  You are probably thinking, come on Dutch, we all know you breathe to get oxygen into the body.  You tell me that and I will tell you are wrong.

What really causes us to breathe is the LACK of oxygen in our body.  We breathe because there is too much carbon dioxide (CO2) in our cells which signals our body to exhale and try to get that CO2 out of the body.  We don’t breathe to get oxygen, we breathe to get CO2 out.  Sound like it makes a little sense?


So next time you are gasping for breath, think about getting all the CO2 out of your body by long exhales instead of gulping at the air like its going to make you feel better.  Slow your breathing and extend the exhale and i guarantee you will get your breathing under control quicker than if you are taking short gulping breathes.

-Dutch Lowy

Tuesday S&C Workout:
Cl+FS+JK x1+1+1,
plank x3;

6 Thrusters

The Key for YOUR Success

Finding the key to YOUR success is really one of the hardest things to do now-a-days in fitness and health. Unfortunately ,we have been mislead by those we are supposed to trust the most and therefore are left with an empty feeling when it comes to finding the right thing. Sometimes the right thing for you goes against what some of the experts say is right.key

It’s unfortunate that we have been put into this cookie cutter lifestyle where “experts” tell us one thing is right for everyone; whether it’s diet, exercise, sleep of stress. Don’t get me wrong, if there was one answer for everyone, my job would be much easier and I wouldn’t have to learn so damn much, but in reality, and you already know this, WE ARE ALL DIFFERENT.

At Black Box Fort Worth we embrace that. We understand that an effective fitness program for one person includes only weightlifting, while for another it may include some running and for another, it may include a lower stress exercise program. We also see this in your diet. What works very well for me, may not show you the results you want or in fact push you the other way on the spectrum of health.

For this simple reason, WE ARE ALL DIFFERENT, Black Box Fort Worth takes the time to sit down with each new member and come up with a plan that suits them and supports their goals. Interested in finding out what is best for you? Call or email to set up an appointment TODAY!

Wednesday S&C Workout:
KB Floor Press x6,
Wt pullup x4;

3 sets:
40 sec jump rope,
15 sec L Sit hang,
Rest 2 min