New Page; Not a New Program

May be a new page, but NOT a new program. Looking for a little supplement work for your Crossfit competitions? Do you need help with a certain aspect of your gymnastics, weightlifting or cardio?

CF Games

We would like for you to check out our Crossfit Competitor page. This page presents basic information on why you need a coach to complete your Crossfit goals. Everyone needs a coach. Our coaches even have coaches!

Dutch Lowy and Chris Lofland are collaborating their knowledge and skills to pass on to current Crossfit enthusiasts!

Visit the Crossfit Competitor Page to fill out a consultation form.

Tuesday S&C Workout:
Agility Series
Super set x3:
8 PP,
10 Supine Rows,
Rest 90 sec b/t sets

3 sets:
30 jump ropes,
200m Farmer’s Carry,
rest 1 min

Olympic Proportions

When watching the Olympics, have you ever thought, “Ooooo… That would be cool to do!” We recently met a group of ladies who decided they were going to do just that. Participate in the sports of the Summer Olympics.

photo 1

The women of , have made it their mission to complete each of the woman’s Summer Olympic sports, including, aquatics, wrestling, and weightlifting. That’s where we came in! We were contacted to be the host site of the weightlifting event these ladies were completing. They learned how to snatch and clean and jerk (telling us that clean and jerk was their favorite of the two).

photo 2


photo 3

We are very thankful that they chose us to be a part of their Olympic journey! Check out their blog site to stay up to date on their completed progress.


Monday S&C Workout:
Wt Jump lunges x10,
SLDL x8,
Medball twists x20

4 sets:
5 Burpee Box jumps,
200m Row

Day 1:
-SN PP + OHS x2+2
-Cl Pull + Cl x1+1
-FS x 4

Day 2:
-PP + OHS x2+2
-Cl w/pause x2
-RDL x4

Day 3:
-PwrSN x3
-BS x3
-SN Pull x3 (7 sec. descend)

Day 4:
-Cl + FS + Jerk x2+1+1
-FX x2
-GM x8

Guilty Pleasures

Everyone has them…Even me. I know I preach to you all the time about eating good food and living forever, but at some point we have to realize that we are all REAL people and the guilty pleasures that plague you, also get me.

Let me share with you one of my guilty pleasures.

I’m drooling just looking at the picture.

The acceptance of guilty pleasures does not mean that I give you permission to go off the rails anytime someone dangles creamy, sweet, luscious, goats milk ice cream in front of you, but it does allow you to pick your battles. Also, depending on your current GOALS, you should make choices accordingly.

– Dutch Lowy

Friday S&C Workout:
Explosive Pushups x8,
Back Ext. x6;

12min AMRAP:
500m row,
10 KBS,
10 Step ups

The Grind

Today’s message from the gym: Getting into the grind doesn’t sound like the most fun thing on the planet, but this is what, over time, gives you the best results. You train your heart out on a daily basis to see the results down the road. Immediate satisfaction is not the order of the day when you are in the Grind, rather long term commitment to accomplishing your goals is the key.


You have to understand that the difference between 120 kg and 125kg is HUGE. This doesn’t only apply to the weightlifters out there, but everyone that has a goal. Whether that goal is related to body composition, long term health, or physical accomplishment, you have to understand that physiological adaptation takes time.

We did not get to the state we are in right now overnight and as a result you will not see drastic changes over night. Think about this next time you get frustrated with your results: Try to step back, accept the process of training and put in your time on the Grind. It will pay off!


Thursday S&C Workout:
8RM SL Squat,
Renegade Row x8;

75 Burpees <Don’t be scared of this!