We will be hosting Coach Ursula this weekend and she has agreed to do a coaching session for anyone interested on Friday night from 5-7pm. Members of Blackbox will get this for $35 and non members will be able to attend for $50. Link will be posted soon.

I drove past this sign the other day (like i do everyday) and glanced over.  I couldn’t help but be a bit upset about it.  For a couple reasons:

  • I mean come on, Fitness night, then donuts with Dad?!?
  • This is the elementary school closest to my house so its the one we will be going to.
  • What are kids supposed to think when you try to get them to eat right and exercise one night and the next morning is about quality time with dad and DONUTS…
  • You are going to give kids donuts before a full day of school?  I would love to see how many kids end up in the principals office or at the very least, how many are napping by 10am.

Now, I might be a bit different than most dads in that i have done alot of reading and research on how food impacts the way you feel and perform on a daily basis.  This is a big piece of my business and i take pride in being able to make appropriate recommendations to people about how to adjust their diets for certain goals.  I also understand (through first hand experience) how food, or rather certain foods, impact the mood, attitude and energy of my son (18 months old at the moment).

I can also appreciate how important it is to teach people how and why we focus on fitness and health from an early age.  I can remember really getting into the road runner program at my elementary school when i was a young buck.  I wanted so badly to make the century club (100 laps).  Maybe that was my competitive side or maybe it was my family promoting an active and healthy lifestyle.  I know there are families out there doing the same things mine used to and probably even better.

My biggest issue with this sign is that these two things are actually going to happen.  My hope is that someone from FWISD or North Hi Mount will see this post and think about how silly this is.  Is Donuts with Dad the best way to get dads into schools and interact with their kids?   I fully support the addition of family activities at school and intend to be as involved in my kids schooling as possible BUT, does it have to be at the cost of everyones health??

Despite my beliefs on health (which you can find on this site, look at our four nutrition steps to the right), I think we can agree that donuts are NOT healthy in any way and using them to lure parents involvement in their kids school is maddening.

Please step back and reflect on this and come up with your own opinions, but remember, sending these cross signals to our kids will only serve to negate the supposed message that we want them to be healthy…

Bent over BB rowx8
Tabata x3 your choice
Row/AD, Burpees, Jump Rope, Situps
rest 2min btwn ea

Day 1:
Snatch x 3
SN Pull x 7 sec up, 7 sec down x 2
Sn Push Press x 6

Day 2:
Hang Clean+Clean x 1+1
FS x 6
RDL x 6

Day 3:
Sn Drop x 3
Hang SN x 2
Wt Pullups x 5


We are saddened to see Jeff go and wish him the best of luck as he starts his new journey in Houston.  Make sure you take the time to tell him goodbye this week.


max rep pullup/max rep
pushup superset X3
plank hold F+S x2
Followed By:
15 min AMRAP:
15 box jumps
row 400

Those of you lifting this weekend will do openers today.
Sn 90%x1x3
Cl&J 90%x1x3
FS 100% of best cleanx2x3

Day 1:
Sn Pull Unders x 4
Hang Sn x 3
Sn Pull W/Pause at knee and 5 sec descent x 4
Sn Press x 6

Day 2:
Pwr Cl+Jerk x 2+2
BS x 6
RDL x 5

Day 3:
Snatch W/Pause at knee x 2
Step ups x 6 each leg
wt pullups x 6


The gym will be closing at 630 tonight so get in early and Act Right!!

KB clean x6
KB push press x8
wall touch x10
20 cal AD/Row
14 burpees
20 cal AD/Row
14 ball slams
3 sets rest 2 min btwn