Thursday October 22, 2015


Strength & Conditioning Day 4:
Lateral plyo hops x8
Renegade row x8
Side plank 4×30 sec/side

4 sets
12 ball slams
6 Hg leg raises
Run 1 suicide
Rest 90 sec

Wednesday October 21, 2015


Strength & Conditioning Day 3:
Clean+ Hg Clean x1+1
Suitcase carry x5

4 sets
100m run
30 sec battle rope
Rest 1 min

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Strength & Conditioning Day 2:
Box Jump x6
Superset x3
Pullup x6-8
Press x6
Rest 2 min

7 KBS & 5 burpees

Monday Oct 18, 2015

S&C Workout:
KBS x5
Superset x3:
SL Squat x5
Plank x45 sec add wt. if Nec.
Rest 90 sec

8 min clock
100m run w/ medball
10 medball slams
10 wall balls


Day 1:
Sn Drop x 1
Sn Blocks x 2
Sn Pull x 3

Day 2:
Cl+FS+Jk x 1+2+1
FS x 2

Day 3:
Pwr Sn x 1
Pwr Cl+Pwr Jk x 1+2
Cl pull x 3

Day 4:
Cl Blocks x 1
Cl Pull Blocks x 3
Push Press x 4