Supporting YOU

Who is the most important person in YOUR life?

If you don’t immediately answer that with your name then it’s likely you are not being very well supported and life is likely pretty stressful. Why would this cause more stress? To put it simply, the only person in this world that you CAN control is YOU. You can control when you go to bed, what you put in your mouth and whether you spend a little alone time each day to center yourself.

You can’t change what other people do and i’m certain that is a good thing. What you can change is what you do. Why is this important? If you are not supported, fulfilled, happy (choose your own adjective) then YOU can’t support those around you. I know other people are important in your lives and I’m not saying to leave them out on a limb all alone while you take time for yourself, but I am asking you to take time for yourself first. Without your own personal happiness, you will fail, at some point, to support the people that are important to you.

I have urged most of you to take a little personal time to sit in quiet, reflect and just breathe for the purpose of relieving stress, but now I ask you to do it so you can support those that you love in your life. It’s important to me that I support all of you which is why I make it a point to support myself. You should do the same.

-Dutch Lowy

Friday S&C Workout:
OH Plate Lunges x8,
Supine row w/ 3 sec negative x4;

8 min clock:
Heavy sled push w/ partner x1

More Is NOT better.

So 4 minutes of work can get me in shape? Yes!

So long as the quality of the work is very high. As with anything in life, usually, more is NOT better. Today I want to emphasize that better is better. By this I mean if we can focus all of our energy on one simple task (Row for 20 seconds rest for 10sec x 8 rounds) then we can put all of our effort and energy into that simple task and therefore get more out of the effort than if we did that followed by something else and then something else…

This is important for those of you with both athletic goals and aesthetic goals. I have good reasons why both will benefit from better work not more work.

For those chasing athletic goals, we need to focus on the quality of the work you are doing and when appropriate give you something to focus all of your energy on for a limited amount of time. Not only will this allow you to maximize your power output which some would compare to intensity but it will also free your mind of the worry of doing more work after you put in all your effort. For those with experience in any sport you know the feeling when you go through your entire practice knowing that you are going to have to do some running after practice so hold back just enough to have something in the tank for later.

For those chasing aesthetic goals, or more specifically weight loss goals, you need to understand a couple things about your body. While traditional “cardio” will burn more energy while you are doing it, once you stop the activity your energy expenditure ends. So you would have to continue doing said exercise all day to continue receiving your desired benefits for that day. On the other hand with high intensity exercise like you get at Black Box Fort Worth your body gets into something called Oxygen Debt where your muscles have used up the available stores of oxygen in the body and needs to restore the balance. This is why you breath so hard when you are done with exercise and not only during it. As a side note, if you breathing rate gets back to normal within a minute of finishing your workout you likely didn;t make it to Oxygen debt. As a result of this depletion of Oxygen you get this after effect where your body has to work harder for the next 24-36 hours to regain equilibrium, therefore; burning more energy throughout the day and even as you sleep.

So the question is: work for 60 min and only benefit those 60 min or work HARD for 4 min (or something like that) and get some pretty good benefits for another 20-30 hours?
Your call…

-Dutch Lowy

#TBT – Davis


Thursday S&C Workout:
SN pull+HG SN x1+1,
Farmers carry x4;

2 sets:
1k Row (75-80%),
Rest 2:1

Better Technique

Written By: Michael Hartman
It is important to remember the importance of solid exercise technique. No matter the movement; box jump, burpee, air dyne sprint, or power clean, the fastest way to improve performance is to first correct any technique flaw. Inefficient technique leads to wasted energy, slower times, less weight lifted and in an extreme case could lead to injury. Every point counts in the “Challenge” so use the resources you have available. Improved work capacity will come through hard, consistent effort over the month, but improvements in technique will only come through practicing the movements and utilizing feedback from your coaches. In the power clean for example. In order to lift the most weight possible, you need a solid set-up at the start of the lift, an explosive 2nd pull, while pulling under the bar as fast as possible, and making sure you receive the bar in an upright power position. Any flaws in technique during any portion of the lift will ultimately decrease the amount of weight lifted…this case every KG counts. Don’t sacrifice a few points due to inefficient technique.



Wednesday S&C Workout:
Wgt jumps x6,
BS x6;

3 sets:
30 sec box jumps,
Rest 1 min,
30 sec ball slams,
Rest 1 min,
30 sec plank,
Rest 1 min

Lets Talk Cholesterol

Not numbers, but rather function. I am not going to get all “sciencey” so don’t panic.cholesterol

Cholesterol is a family of streroid hormones that function in your body as transporters, cleaners, and precursors to steroid hormones. We are generally told by doctors that if our levels reach a certain amount, we are at risk of heart disease (A general term for anything related to the heart or arteries around the heart). This threat usually scares people into taking drastic measures like going on cholesterol lowering drugs or extreme diets.

These interventions are able to lower your total cholesterol levels but to what end? If Cholesterol is responsible for transport and cleaning then lowering the amount in your blood will decrease your ability to transfer nutrients throughout the body AND heal your body from both internal attacks and external attacks.


I believe the main mechanism that cholesterol lowering drugs work on is the inflammation response of the body. Lower the inflammation in the body and decrease the need for extra cholesterol in the blood.
Don’t you know how to decrease inflammation?

Much like your bodies ability to store energy (fat), Cholesterol is a naturally occurring substance and the presence of elevated amounts probably means something else is wrong. Your body responds to it’s environment and probably has a good reason for doing what it’s doing. As a result, treating symptoms your body shows is usually a mistake.

-Dutch Lowy


Thursday S&C Workout:
SL Box Jumps x5
FS x5

200m run
15 thrusters
200m run
10 thrusters
200m run
5 thrusters