Its been great getting to know all the new faces in the gym lately and I think its time for you to get a glimpse inside the BlackBox. One of the first things we had to do as a gym was come up with name. This name had to speak to what we do in the gym and embody the spirit of what we do.

This is how and why we chose the name BlackBox:
What is Black Box?


A black box is more an idea than a thing. A black box is thought of in terms of inputs and outputs. The input is known and the output is also known but the mechanisms for change are sometimes not clearly understood. The black box comes into play as the place where changes happen. The Human body in my opinion is best thought of as a black box. This simply means that if we are trying to reach a result such as getting stronger in the back squat, we take a training protocol, implement it for a couple weeks then test the results. It is clearly defined whether the training was beneficial to the goal by looking at the outcome. You can take just about any personal goal you want and use this system.

The term Black Box simply means that we can control the input to predict the output but don’t always understand the mechanisms that cause these favorable outcomes. Over the last 5 years we have been using this idea to produce results for people and have refined the process to be able to accommodate nearly any physical goal. We have refined this to a very unique program that we stand behind 100%.

Welcome to the Black Box Fort Worth. We look forward to helping you accomplish your goals and more!!


MedBall Kneeling chest throw x8-10
Super Set:
Medball Slams x8
Wt Step Ups x8
Followed By:
3 sets
8 pullups
15 box jumps
200m row



Today we get a little look inside Diana’s head and get to know her a little better.

By Diana:
As I sit and write this, it has been weeks and now minutes, 3:38 pm to be exact, before my big reveal to Black Box Fort Worth. My name is Diana Hamister and here is a bit of insight of what I do and why I am here.

My computer screen is black, frozen and I’m sitting here waiting, thinking of all the things I want to say. Five minutes seems like an eternity and I’m almost on edge. And yes, I procrastinated. I’m due to submit this before afternoon classes. What just happened could be the most important lesson I’ve ever learned.

Breathe. Restart. Go.

We have this opportunity every day of our lives, and I can tell you from my experience that I’ve tried out many things in wellness. To me, wellness includes interpersonal relationships and your relationship to yourself. How you think, breath, eat, sleep, drink and act now truly matters. Did you get that? NOW matters.

This has brought my career here, in a place I find myself passionate about helping dynamic individuals better themselves every day. I have been in sales, higher education administration, event planning, a crossfit coach and have a bachelors in Psychology and a Masters in Higher Education Administration. Recently I came across an article on the 14 most stressful jobs in America. Turns out, my old job as a student affairs administrator made the list.

The three most important things that resulted after leaving my career at TCU were:

1. Starting my own paleo food business (MUFFINS!)
2. Becoming a Chek Holistic Wellness Coach
3. Leaving CrossFit

It was not until I broke away from the norm that I began my journey of wellness and helping others achieve what I so sought for. Balance and simplicity. I took the time to recognize anything that caused me stress, cut it out and wish to help others do the same.

And now that I have cleared my path, I sit here with you ready to guide. What you share, your goals, dreams, passions will help us determine the proper direction.

To follow my last statement, I will say that here at Black Box, we are more than just a place to work out. Quality over quantity is a philosophy that I see played out daily. We strive to achieve this by developing our members. Cura personalis means to care for the whole person. This was the mission of Canisius College, the graduate school I attended. I have learned that this can be easily forgotten, yet it is infinitely important. Here at Black Box, I have seen that it is never forgotten. I am proud to serve as a coach here and truly believe I have found a home to be my best and help others do the same.

Every day is your opportunity to breathe, restart and go. Staying calm will bring you the clarity you need, and help to get you one step closer to the goal. When you make it, I am here, along with the entire Black Box crew, to celebrate with you.

I’ve sincerely enjoyed getting to know each and every one of you and look forward to learning and growing with you now and as the days go by.

OH and look, it’s 3:59 pm, just in time to head in for afternoon classes. Not a thing to worry about.

Mission accomplished,

Diana Hamister

11 fun facts:
1. I have a 10 year old brother
2. I recently changed my last name to Hamister (NOT hamster), it was changed from Hameister. My step fathers family did not want to associate with Nazi Germany. The name means farm master.
3. I’m full blood Croatian, grew up in Canada and lived in Buffalo, NY for 10 years.
4. I’m goofy here are a couple videos I’ve been in: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3cwMLRLtAhs and one from TCU: http://vimeo.com/35820038
5. I was also in a YouTube video back in 2008, talking about nutrition (before I knew anything about it). When I checked it two years later it received over 300k views. Google wanted to pay me. I was so embarrassed I deleted it.
6. I love crafting and virtually anything creative. Jewelry making, scrapbooking and paleo baked goods are my favorite.
7. My middle name Ananda is sanskrit for eternal blissful joy.
8. I can speak 3 additional languages: French, Spanish and Croatian.
9. I grew an inch at the age of 24, after my first year of CrossFit. I thank the pullups for it.
10. In middle school I played rugby, soccer, tennis, track, basketball, volleyball, softball, and flag football. I’m moderately skilled at all of these sports.
11. I love to travel and within the past year I’ve been to Mexico twice (24 total days) and Amsterdam and Paris (8 days). I want to visit Monaco, Croatia and Tahiti in the near future.

Hang Clean x3
FS x5
Followed By:
100 cal AD Or Row

Day 1:
Snatch+Hang Sn x 1+1
FS x 3+3 (30 sec break between)

Day 2:
Clean +FS+ Jerk x 1+2+1
Hang Pwr Clean x 3
Cl Pull W/Paus x 4

Day 3:
Pwr Sn x 2
Clean from Platform x 2
FS x 3
GM x 8


A great tip from Sonia about how to enjoy your holiday season without feeling like you are missing out.


I’ve been looking for something to drink that I could pour over ice that would be refreshing other than
plain old water. A few weeks ago I discovered La Croix (pronounced La Croy). La Croix is flavored with only all natural flavors and the flavor is not over powering. There is nothing artificial in this delightful little can. There are eight flavors to choose from and so far, my favorite is the berry flavored. If you’re looking for something as an alternative to plain old water, you need to try this. If you’re looking for a drink to replace your soda, then this is not for you (well, actually it is, but you won’t like it). It’s not sweet like soda.

I also found some great drink recipes using La Croix that would be great substitutes for alcoholic
cocktails. Since, it’s getting to be that time of year of holiday parties and holiday drinking, I thought I’d share this recipe.

“Berry Helpful Mimosa”

1 can Berry flavored La Croix
1 ounce orange juice or cranberry juice

So far, I’ve been able to buy La Croix at Kroger and Sprouts. Give it a try and let me know what you
think. Cheers!

Pwr Sn+OHS x2+3
FS x5
Followed By:
suitcase carry around the building
50 swings
Suitcase Carry around the building

Day 1:
Hip Sn x 2
Hang Sn x 2
Snatch x 1
FS x 3+3 (take 30 seconds between sets of 3)

Day 2:
Jerk Balance x 3
hang Clean x 2
Cl Pull W/Pause x 5

Day 3:
Close Grip Sn x 2
Pwr Sn x 2
FS x 3


For all of you that saw Nathan a couple weeks ago filming some stuff in the gym, here is the finished product. http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/chivalrycontego/chivalry-contego

Sn PP+OHS x3+3
Sn Pull x 6
Followed by:
2-3 sets
400m run
Sled push lenge of gym and back
500m row


For all of you that saw Nathan a couple weeks ago filming some stuff in the gym, here is the finished product. http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/chivalrycontego/chivalry-contego

TRX Squat Jumps x8-10
Turkish Get ups x4 each arm
Heavy Suitcase Carry x4 trips
Followed by:
Tabata row
Rest 4 min
Tabata Bike