Thursday July 16, 2015


Are y’all ready for another BlackBox meet…?

Strength & Conditioning Day 4:
4 sets
A) Max pullup or 8 Ring row
B) 10 DB push press
Rest 1 min b/t A&B

3-4 sets
Heavy sled push x1
5 burpees
Rest 2:1

Lots of Birthdays This Week!


Happy Birthday to:
Robin Ford-Lofland
Melinda Deckert
Nicolas Gonzales
Jordan Aldridge
Juanita Nava
Sonia Merrick
Julie Pointer

<3 Strength & Conditioning Day 3:
Hip mobility/ stretch
Front Rack Reverse lunges x10
Rotational Band Twist x6/side

5 sets:
100m Heavy Farmers Carry
Rest 45 sec

Texas Barbell Club Training Camp at BlackBox College Station

The Texas Barbell Club Training Camp at our sister gym BlackBox College Station was a success! Many thanks to everyone who came out and to Ursula and the Texas Barbell Club members.

Strength & Conditioning Day 2:
SL box jump x4
TGU x5/side
plank up down x12

10 min Partner sled push

Texas Barbell Club Training Camp-THANK YOU!


We had an amazing time training with Texas Barbell Club this past weekend. Many thanks to Ursula and the Texas Barbell Club athletes for their coaching, and to everyone who attended. Come back and see us!

Strength & Conditioning Day 2:
Box jump x4
Superset x3-4:
10 DB Push Press
8 Ring Row
Rest 1 min

5 sets
Sled sprint x1
Rest 4:1