May 20, 2014

Keep your calendars open for May 31st @ 9 am. Blake will be giving a strength and conditioning seminar at The Trailhead. Show your support for BlackBox by heading out there and working off a little of your Friday night.


S&C Workout:
Snatch pull (5 sec up/down) + Snatch x2,
FS x3;

3 sets:
250m row,
7 Thrusters,
Rest 2 min.

May 19, 2014

As soon as our newsletter came out last week, we created more news worthy activities and information that we wished we had placed in the newsletter.

-BlackBox Games will be June 6th from 6 pm – 8 pm. Follow this link for more information and to RSVP:

-Strength and Conditioning will have a noon class on Tuesday and Thursdays! You can now attend your S&C class at lunch time Monday thru Friday.


Strength & Conditioning:
TRX Squat jump x8,
Weighted walking lunges x8,
Turkish Get Up x5;

3 sets:
200m run,
12 box jumps,
12 wallballs.

May 19, 2014

Day 1:
Sn Drop x 2
Hip+Hang+Floor Snatch x 1+1+1
Sn Pull +8 sec Negative x 3

Day 2:
Pwr Cl+Clean + Jerk x 2+1+1
Pwr Jerk+ OHS x 2+3
Front Squat x 8

Day 3:
Hang Sn x 3
Clean x 2
Cl Pull x 6

BlackBox Games!

If you have been following our social media pages, you may have seen that we are having an upcoming introduction of our 1st Annual BlackBox Games on June 6. This event is inspired by The Office Olympics. Our games will be non-fitness related, silly, and slightly absurd.

FuzzysLogo11Be sure to RSVP with the link below so we are able to order the correct amount of food from Fuzzy’s Tacos!