BBFW Weightlifting

Our busy week got to us and we did not post this weeks weightlifting workouts. We are on it now!

Weightlifting for Week of April 14:
Day 1:
-Power Snatch + Hang x 1+1
-Front Squat x 4
-Snatch Push Press x 6

Day 2:
-Power Clean + Hang Clean x 1+1
-Clean Pull x 3
-Good Morning x 8

Day 3:
-Snatch x 2
-Clean & Jerk x 1
-Back Squat x 3

April 15, 2014

Strength & Conditioning Workout:
Seated Box Jump x6,
Front Squat x8,
Press x8;

3 sets:
25 cal Airdyne,
10 Burpee box jump,
Rest 2 min

April 14, 2014


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S&C Workout:
Hang Clean x3,
Snatch Pull x4,
Plank w/ touch x20;

200m Run,
15 DB Push Press,
200m Run,
15 DB Push Press,
200m Run



Today Dutch will be at PaleoFX speaking on the needs of an athlete and general public. If you would like to watch his presentation, you can purchase the live feed here for $35.

S&C Workout:
Press x8,
Farmers Carry x5 Trips,
Medball twists x20;

4 sets:
Bear crawl x 1 trip,
15 KBS,
Rest 90 sec