KB snatch+TGU x 6+3 each side
Suitcase carry
Followed By:
5 sets
6 pwr cleans
12 burpees
Rest 60-90 seconds.


Classes cancelled tonight due to weather. Have a great weekend !!

Pwr Clean x3
Cl Pull x5
Followed By:
5 sets
2 min Bike/Row
Renegade Row x8 each arm


Notice: Weightlifters please try to get to the gym early, we are going to close the gym at 7 due to road conditions.

Super Set
Wt Step ups x8
Wt Pullups/Ring Row x8-10
Wt Plank x max time
Followed by:
10 sets
30 sec Burpees
30 sec rest


Ok, here are the schedule, start list and layout for the meet this weekend. Make sure to travel safe as the weather is supposed to lovely….

Layout Final

Updated Schedule based on new layout

AO Provisional Start List as at 3rd December – Final Changes at Natl Office

In case you don’t want to wade through all the docs above here is the BlackBox Lifting schedule:
Candice Ruiz lifts at 1030am Friday Morninig on Platform 3 (salon EF)
JB lifts at 6pm Friday night on Platform 2 (Salon ABC)
Spencer and I lift at 3pm on Saturday on Platform 2 (Salon ABC)

In case you aren’t able to make it over to watch in person, we would love you to catch us on the webcast provided by USAW and the USOC. You can watch it here: http://www.teamusa.org/usa-weightlifting/LIVE

Classes will run as normally scheduled Thursday and Friday.

Super Set
Single Arm KB swings +Double arm KB swings 8+8+8
Windmills x8
Bent Over Row x8
Followed By:
6 sets
10 Goblet Squats
10 Box Jumps
Rest 45-60 seconds


This is a big week for me. Usually that means you guys suffer. Luckily and through the hard work of your BlackBox Staff your training will not suffer this year.
So, although I won’t be around much later in the week, we will have all regularly scheduled classes this week.

I am lifting in the American Open along with JB and Candice in Dallas this weekend. We would love for you to come watch and cheer us on!!
Candice lifts at 1030am on Friday
JB lifts at 6PM Friday
I lift at 3 PM on Saturday

For those of you that can’t make it, I will post a link to the webcast here and on the FaceWebBook.

Super Set:
MedBall Kneeling chest throw x 10
Med ball Side throws x 10 each side

Wt Lunges x 8 each leg
Followed By:
1000m row
3 sets
10 wall balls
6-10 pullups
row 1000m after 3 rounds

Day 1:
Close Grip Sn x 2
Hang Sn+Sn x 2+1
FS x 3+2

Day 2:
Cl+FS+Jerk x 1+1+1
Pwr Jerk x 3
Cl Pull x 3

Day 3:
Clean x 2
Push Press x 5
FS x 3