April 22, 2014


Come to BlackBox Fort Worth Saturday, May 3 for a two hour in depth Kettlebell class hosted by Diana Hamister.Diana will go over the basics of Kettlebells and tips to make your Kettlebell movements more fluid and functional.

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Strength & Conditioning Workout:
Power Clean + Front Squat x2+3
Push Press x8

5 sets:
4 Power Clean
200m run
Rest 90 sec

April 21, 2014

Weightlifting Weeks Workout

Day 1:
-Snatch x 100/1, 80/3, 85/2, 90/1, 95/1/3
-Front Squat x 2
-Snatch grip good morning x 4;

Day 2:
-Clean & Jerk x 95/1/3
-Clean Pull x 3

Day 3:
-Snatch with pause x 1
-Snatch Push Press x 4
-Back Squat x 3

Strength & Conditioning Workout:
Power Snatch + OHS x2+3
Single Leg Squat x8;

3 sets:
50 Jump Ropes
12 Wallballs
Rest 2 min

April 17, 2014

We have lots of events coming up this year! On April 26, BlackBoxFW staff will be at The Trailhead at Clearfork hosting a Kettlebell class from 12 pm – 1 pm. For more information on The Trailhead and our upcoming class, please click this LINK.


S&C Workout:
Hang Snatch x3,
Snatch Push Press x8,
Overhead Medball toss x10;

12 min clock:
Weigth sled push x1,
rotate w/ partner