What About Bugs?

What do you think about eating bugs as a source of protein? Or a resource for baking “flour?”


Precision Nutrition wrote an article about just this.
Find the article here: http://www.precisionnutrition.com/eating-bugs

BlackBox Staff has actually tried a couple cricket flour based protein bars from Exo.com. Most of us would try almost anything because we eat all the time, but we all agreed that they weren’t bad.

Wednesday S&C Workout:
-High Box Jump x3
-FS x3

3 sets:
-200m Run
-20 KBS
Rest 2 min

Back to Real Life

Blake and Victoria would like to thank everyone who has given them gifts, good wishes and social media “likes” this past weekend. They’re wedding was simple, but focused around God and the two of them.

photo 1 (9)    photo 3 (6)   photo 4 (6)

These newlyweds were not able to whisk away to an exotic honeymoon just yet. Victoria is finishing up her nursing program this semester as Blake has come back to real life with his coaching this week. They will be taking a weekend vacation to Fredericksburg the first weekend of December.

Tuesday S&C Workout:
High Box Jump x3
FS x3

3 sets:
200m Run
20 KBS
Rest 2 min