Upcoming Event: Texas Barbell Club Spring Classic


Weightlifting Wise and Texas Barbell Club are hosting the Texas Barbell Spring Classic weightlifting competition on April 26th in San Antonio.  This competition will act as a non-profit fundraiser to benefit the Texas Barbell Club Team and cover training, travel, and competition costs.  Our beloved coaches Dutch and Chris are Texas Barbell Club members.  This meet would be a wonderful opportunity to support them and the Texas Weightlifting community.

For more information, see the event link below:



Strength & Conditioning Day 1:

Seated Box Jump x 4

3 sets:

-Weighted lunges x 12

-SLDL x 6

Rest 60-90 seconds.



-Jump rope

-KB swings




Happy Friday!  Don’t forget Open Gym tomorrow at 9:00 a.m.!

Strength & Conditioning Day 5:

Suicides x 4

Good morning x 6

Saw planks x 20

4 sets:

200m Row

5 burpees over rower

30 second side planks

Open Gym This Saturday!

OpenGymBBFWWe’ll be open Saturday morning for Open Gym (9:00-11:00 a.m.)!  Get your training done…brunch-like activities may follow.


Strength & Conditioning Day 4:

Power Clean x 1

2 sets:

4 minute AMRAP-

15 cal Airdyne/row buy-in then:

10 box jumps

5 KB thrusters

Rest 2 minutes between AMRAPs


Member Of The Month: Katie Cantrell

10349873_657984860916633_2485674786102711979_nOur Member of The Month for January is Strength & Conditioning member Katie Cantrell.  Katie is a long-time BlackBox member.  She recently switched from our Weightlifting team to the Strength & Conditioning group class.  She shows up day after day, ready to put in the hard work required.  Along with consistently showing up and putting forth her best effort, Katie makes a positive impact on other group members with her outgoing personality and supportive words.  We have had new Strength & Conditioning members remark that their experience in the class is enhanced by Katie’s presence.  Her zero-fear, no-nonsense approach to big lifts inspires others, as well!  She will be getting married in February.  Make sure you get to know Katie if you have not already.  BlackBox is grateful to have her.  Congratulations and thank you, Katie!

Strength & Conditioning Day 3:

Agility drills

Renegade Row x 8

3-4 set:

20 Airdyne

8 pushups

50m Farmers carry