Good Luck, Gramps!


Watch BlackBox member Anthony “Gramps” McKee compete at the Masters World Cup at 6:30 p.m. on FloElite.  Click here for the FloElite live feed!  GOOD LUCK, ANTHONY!

Strength & Conditioning Day 3:

TGU x4
4 sets
A) 8-10 ring row
B) 10 Medball throw
Rest 1 min
Max 500m row

Good Luck, Angie!


Angie Bender competes at the Masters World Cup at 8:30 a.m. tomorrow!  Watch her session streaming live on FloElite.  Click Here (FloElite)  Good luck, Angie!


Strength & Conditioning Day 2:

hang Clean x2
Cl pull x3
75 burpees

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Strength & Conditioning Day 1:

seated box jump x3
SL squat x6
8 min clock
3 Pullups
Sled push x1
30 sec plank