The Midline

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~Midline & Stabilization~

What is the midline and why is it important to work it?
The midline, for our purposes is not necessarily a thing, its more of an ability. When you look at someone running for example you can tell if they have a secure midline by watching their upper body as they move. If while they are running you see the head bobbing up and down or side to side or you see alot of shoulder rotational movement you can pretty much guarantee that the midline is not doing its job. What is its job you ask? I’m glad you did…

The midlines purpose is to allow you to transfer force from the ground through your legs and into your torso. The stronger or more firm your midline the better that force will be able to continue on into your upper body. This is important for us in training because it allows us to move heavier loads and remain safe while doing it. It is important for the runner because they can now be more efficient because the force generated from the floor is being well maintained in the transition through the torso to the upper body and head. It can also be seen in a baseball pitcher or quarter back when they throw a ball. The force they put on the ball is generated from the hips and if the midline is not secure and tight the force will diminish by the time it gets to the fingers and the ball therefore leading to a weaker throw and either a homerun or an interception.

So, how do we work the midline? A couple ways in the gym. First of all if the midline is meant to transfer force, its going to work best when it is rigid. So it needs to be strong and able to remain static even when other parts are not. It also needs to resist torque or twisting. So in reality (although we were all taught differently as kids) the midline does not generate torque it resists it. By resisting the torque we are again able to transfer force from the lower body to upper body more efficiently making you a more productive, more efficient person. As a side note, this reasoning removes situps from the routine. There are benefits to situps but they should not be your primary midline strengthening exercise. Think of a sport where you purposefully compromise your midline and post it to comments.

Try this as you sit at your desk. Relax your belly, as you do this you will notice that your back rounds and you lose and natural curve in your upper and lower back. Now put your feet on the floor and stand up as fast as you can but don’t tense the belly. Ok, not sit back down, sit up straight, pull your belly button in as you take a deep breath sit up tall, put your feet on the ground and stand up as fast as possible. Notice anything different? Your office mate probably did since the first time you stood up you look slow and disconnected and the second time you stood up you looked like you were about to chase him around the office.
The point is, you are stronger with a strong, stable midline.

-Dutch Lowy

Come see how we create strong midlines at BlackBox Fort Worth!

Thursday S&C Workout:
Seated Box Jump x4,
SN PP + OHS x3+2;

6 sets:
10 cal Row/AD,
5 Burpees

Step out of the Vortex

Stepping out of the vortex of your life can be liberating. This is a time when you can actually remove your self from life and reflect on what you have been putting yourself through. Stress is a funny thing that even though you can’t touch it or see it, it is very powerful and can have the same powerful effect on your life. If you find that you are lethargic, not sleeping well, eating like crap and worrying constantly then your life may feel like a vortex that is spiraling out of control. The best thing to do in this case is to step out of the vortex. Not temporarily like most people do for vacation once or twice a year but permanently. If you step out for small amounts of time like a week long vacation yo may find that while on vacation you sleep better and actually lose some weight. This is probably due to the decreased stress and your bodies ability to relax for the first time in a long time.


The problem arises when you step back into that vortex and continue the spiral downwards. Fortunately there is a simple way to fix this. All you have to do is make a conscious decision to live life on your terms. Think of yourself as the base of your pyramid of friends, family and work and if you are not fully supported then everything else will crumble ending with you being miserable.

So, take control, prioritize yourself over everything else and you will be able to provide better support for those that need you. Spend a little time doing something that relaxes you (working out doesn’t count) and take a couple deep breaths. Everything is going to be fine.

-Dutch Lowy



Wednesday S&C Workout:
Suicide x3,
Compound set:
Explosive Pushup x5,
Supine Row x8,
Rest 1 min b/t;

Tabata: Row/AD (70%)

2nd Annual Clean Meet

BlackBox Clean Meet
August 16 @ 9 am


The Annual BlackBox Fort Worth Clean Meet will be hosted in Fort Worth for the second time. The first Clean Meet was a huge success and saw many first time lifters and lots of big weights thrown around. This meet is meant for the new and the seasoned lifters. It’s simplicity takes out the technical aspects of putting a bar over your head and the complications of multiple lifts in a meet.

This meet will feature 4 attempts per lifter, with all lifters lifting in the same “session.” The weight on the bar will start with the first attempt and go up from there with each attempt. All levels are welcome and will be able to compete for prizes. Prizes have not yet been determined, but they will be awesome. 1st, 2nd and 3rd places in mens and women’s will be awarded. Placing will be based on the best attempts sinclair total (this takes into account bodyweight, but not age). Weigh-ins will happen 1 hour before the event starts at 9am.

Prizes will be announced on our Facebook page as the event nears.

Register Here:

Tuesday S&C Workout:
Clean x3,
SL Squat x6;

4 sets:
3 cl pulls,
200m Sprint,
rest 3 min