The Russians Are Coming! Tomorrow!

The Russians Are Coming. Here. Tomorrow! We are so excited to be able to host this unique event. Our contest for a $299 registration spot ended yesterday evening. This afternoon, we will announce the winner of the contest through Facebook.

There is still time to sign up if you have not already.

Friday S&C Workout:
Cl+ JK x2+1,
Deadbugs x8;

30 cal Row/AD,
25 ball slams,
20 mountain climbers,
10 box jumps,
5 pullups

Final Contest Day

Today is the final contest day for submitting your hang snatch videos to win a registration spot for The Russian Event. There can be no excuses for you not attending, if you did not submit a video. Even if you don’t win, you may still get some great feedback from Dutch Lowy and Nikita Durnev.


Thursday S&C Workout:
Box Jump x6,
Back Squat x6;

4 sets:
15 KBS,
Rest 45 sec



Fitness. Progress. This slogan is seen frequently around our gym and even on the back of our t-shirts. It’s a short and to-the-point reminder of why we come in to exercise among other various reasons or motivations. I feel that we all have a great understanding of what fitness is to us as a gym, but sometimes we can easily overlook the second word in that phrase (progress). Progress can include many things, such as, hitting a PR, decreasing a 1 mile run time, losing body fat or practicing better nutrition habits. Whether it is increasing your PR weight by an extra kg or decreasing that run time by 1 sec, progress is still progress and we should take pride in our achievements that we work hard to obtain.

Since I have known Dutch and been at BlackBox, I have seen progress in many aspects of my life such as nutrition, stress level, mobility and form/technique on my lifts. From the very first day I stepped into the gym he immediately gave me some homework to do (ha ha). The picture below shows a comparison of my lifts from June 2013 and from this past weekend of June 2014. The ugly picture on the left is a PR 185lb snatch I hit in a competition. The picture on the opposite side is my second lift from the Dallas meet this past weekend at 94kg/207lbs. HUGE difference! Still more work to be done, but I don’t believe it’s a coincidence that my form, mobility and strength have increased since I’ve come to BBFW.


When I showed Dutch these pictures, his response was, “Man, you were a mess.” He says that he hasn’t done anything life-shattering to help me correct my movement, but I would say without the accountability and coaching I’ve received at BBFW, the improvements would not have been as good. I also stopped eating oatmeal for breakfast, but that’s another whole blog article. It’s always easy to get frustrated when the weight isn’t increasing on your lifts or you’re not losing pounds on the scale. Progress is progress whether it’s immediate or slow and steady. Always remember where you started and be proud about the small victories you achieve along the way in your fitness journey.

-Blake Dunson



Wednesday S&C Workout:
Push Press x6,
Weight Plank x3;

5 sets:
200m Farmer’s Carry,
8 Wallballs

Contest for Registration – Repost

Repost of the Rules for the Russians Event Contest for Registration!
– Complete best hang snatch single, relative to 1 rep max of snatch (no straps)
– Must post a video of your full body completing this movement to our Facebook page (
– Video due at 8pm, Thursday, June 12.
– Must hashtag video with #blackboxfw and #TheRussiansAreComing
– All members and non-members are eligible

– Actual percentage of 1 rep max
– Potential for improvement or quality of movement
– Judged by Dutch Lowy and Nikita Durnev

RussiansGroupPoster       RussiansGroupPoster      RussiansGroupPoster      RussiansGroupPoster

Tuesday S&C Workout:
Clean x3
Power/Lactate Test
*Show up to find out more*