May 16, 2014

You made it to Friday! Make big plans for this weekend to be outside. The weather is looking to be in your favor! You can also stop by for our open gym on Saturday from 9 am – 11 am.


As most of you have probably already noticed, our theme for May is REFRESH. This could entail anything within your life that needs a refreshment, such as getting more hours of sleep, making it to the gym an extra day per week, spending more time with family, recommitting to solid nutrition, getting outside more often, etc. It is always important to step back and revaluate your goals and priorities to see which areas may need some extra attention. May is the perfect month to do this before the busy months of summer begin. I challenge you all to refresh one area of your life this month.  If you need any help or tips on how to achieve these, do not hesitate to ask BlackBox staff for guidance. Post your #refresh commitment on our social media pages to help keep yourself accountable.

Keep up the hard work!



Strength & Conditioning Workout:
Push Press x4,
Goodmorning x5,
Farmers carry x3;

5 sets:
30 sec ball slams,
30 sec KettleBell Swings,
rest 1 min

May 15, 2014

It’s Thursday! Have you been working on “refreshing” your life this week? How about we “refresh” our gym schedule by adding an additional strength and conditioning class! We will now have a noon class on Tuesdays and Thursdays beginning May 20th!


Strength & Conditioning Workout:
Power Clean + JerK x3+1,
Back Squat x4,
plank w/ touch x20;

Row/AD 25 cal,
75 jump ropes,
25 Dumbell Push Press,
Row/AD 25 cal,
50 jump ropes,
15 Dumbell PP,
Row/AD 25 cal,
25 jump ropes,
5 DumBell Push Press

Teen Testimonial

BlackBox Fort Worth is interested in all clients with all types of goals. Recently, a big focus of ours has been on teens looking for sport specific training. With this in mind, we are hosting a youth camp for ages 12-18 to teach and encourage teenagers the importance of strength training. Below is a testimonial of a current teen client who found us just for that!

Collin Adams is one of our teen athletes, well almost teenager. Collin is a 12 year old baseball player looking to get drafted out of high school as a pitcher. This is a big goal for a 12 year old, but Collin is committed to doing anything he can in preparation to accomplish his goal.

photo 4

Knowing that he needed to be stronger than the others in his age group, he and his dad sought out BlackBox Fort Worth to focus on Collin’s strength and power development. When he joined BlackBox in August 2013, Collin could throw a pitch at 55 mph. After eight months of training with Dutch and Blake, Collin now clocks 63 mph. His weight has also increased from 90 lbs to 112 lbs. Collin mentions that he can feel himself getting stronger each time he comes to the gym.

When asked why he enjoys BlackBox Fort Worth, Collin told us he likes that Dutch and Blake understand his goals and have experience in his sport. He also mentions that he “likes the way it smells here when [he] walks in.” We hope that smell is one of strength and progress.

May 14, 2014


Our monthly newsletter went out yesterday morning. If you did not receive this, please email to be added to our list. Each newsletter features our member of the month, events and other pertinent information.

Strength & Conditioning:
KettleBell Floor Press x 4,
Weighted Pullup x 4,
Plank (F&S) x2;

12 min AMRAP:
10 wallballs,
10 KBS,
5 pullups,
20 wallballs,
10 KBS,
5 pullups,
30 wallballs,
10 KBS,
5 pullups,
continue pattern for remainder of time