Endurance Athlete Looking for a Strength Program?

Strength Training for Cyclists
and other endurance athletes


At BlackBox Strength and Conditioning

-5:30pm Tuesday and Thursday with Josh Santiago

If you want to improve your performance as an endurance athlete strength training is an important element to implement into your regular training program.

This class is geared toward cyclists as well as other endurance athletes. The purpose of this class is to increases power and strength for endurance athletes and improve performance for their sport. Strength training can also reduce risk for injury if done properly.

For more details and to register for a class please contact Rhea.

(817) 841 8678

Wednesday S&C Workout:
Wall Bug x30
Waiters Carry x2
1RM Press

AD/Row: x8 min
30 sec (Moderate)
30 sec (Easy)

Trailhead – Oct. 11

Thanks to all that came out to the Trailhead last Saturday. It was a little bit on the chilly side, but we hope that Blake got you warmed up!

If you attended Oct. 11 workout, be sure you drop in to any of the Strength & Conditioning classes this week to try out one of Blake’s workouts IN the gym!

IMG_20141011_090834450_HDR   IMG_20141011_093324982

IMG_20141011_090828102_HDR   IMG_20141011_090859246_HDR


photo 1 (10)    photo 3 (7)

photo 2 (9)     photo 4 (7)

Tuesday S&C Workout:
Burpee Broad Jump x2
Heavy KBS x5
Side Plank (max each side)

8 min AMRAP:
10 walking lunges
30 Jump Ropes
3 pullups
5 Burpees

S&C Record Board

Be sure to try to make it in to the S&C classes this week and the next! Next week is the end of Blake’s 8 weeks of programming. This means you will be going through our end of programming tests. Try to get your numbers up on the new S&C Record board so you know what your goals are to hit!

After next week, this board should be filled with numbers!

erik pr board

Monday S&C Workout:
Glute Activation Drills
1RM Pwr Clean
ME Pullup Test

800m Run Test

Day 1:
-Hang SN + SN x2+2
-SN Pull w/7second descent x4
-SN PP + OHS x3+2

Day 2:
-Cl+FS+Jerk x2+2+1
-FS x6

Day 3:
-Pwr SN x3
-Pwr Cl +Jerk x 1+3
-Cl Pull x6

Day 4:
-SN x3
-Hip Cl x3
-BS x6

Funny Photo Friday

cat nap here

At some point, we’ve all felt like this. Remember to not run yourself down by doing too much. Enjoy the time you have off.

Friday S&C Workout:
-Bear Crawl x3
-FS+JK x1+1

3 sets:
-20cal AD
-10 KB Thrusters
Rest 1:1