Open Gym This Saturday the 7th



We will be open for Open Gym this Saturday March 7th from 9:00 a.m.-11:00 a.m. Come in and get in a good Saturday workout!

Strength & Conditioning Day 3:

KBS x 8

Superset x 6

DB RDL + row x 8

TRX Pushup x 6

Rest 90 seconds


EMOM x 8 alternate

12-15 wall balls

6-8 burpees


Catalyst Athletics Weightlifting Seminar & Certification


Time is running out to register for the Catalyst Athletics Olympic Weightlifting Seminar & Certification at BlackBox Fort Worth on March 14-15.  For more information on this seminar, see THIS POST.

To Register for the seminar/certification: Catalyst Seminar Fort Worth, TX


Strength & Conditioning Day 2:

Hip/Thoracic mobility

FS x 3

Side Plank Max


8 Sets:

50m heavy farmers carry

Rest 45 seconds

Monday March 2, 2015



Strength & Conditioning Day 1:

Agility drills

superset x 5:

20 plate presses

10 ring rows

Rest one minute

4 sets:

50 jump ropes

20 second chin over bar hold

Rest 45 seconds


Weather Bulletin!

BlackBox Will be closed at 1pm Friday February 27th.  We anticipate being open Saturday Morning for open gym at 9am.