Rest and Relaxation

It may seem odd that we are telling you to rest, but, at BlackBox Fort Worth, we are more interested in you being healthy than anything else so, today, we will talk about rest and relaxation.

Training is one piece of the rest puzzle and if you are not resting enough between training sessions you will quickly over reach and eventually over train. Some people push for this and in fact strive to push through it for the adaptation you can get from it. In fact the high level athletes that use this method are usually very successful. Unfortunately, none of us are those people. We make up the 99% of recreational exercisers who have other things going on in their lives so training is not priority number one. As a result, the above training model is not ideal.

Training is simply another stress on the body and those of you that work full time jobs, have kids, drive a car and go out in the hot Texas sun can add those to your already long list of stresses as well. Its important to have a really good balance between all of these stresses and rest and relaxation can play an important role in moderating stress.

When we talk about rest, we don’t simply mean the absence of formal exercise but the deliberate act of resting. Resting means literally doing nothing physically active and if you want to get really specific, nothing that would cause you stress. Many times we see people come in the gym after taking the weekend off only to look more run down. A weekend partying or doing yard work is NOT considered Rest. Rest would be a weekend sitting at the lake, or on a beach. It is a time when you can recharge your hidden stores of social energy.

Some people gain energy from being around others, while some people recharge their energy through being alone.

Next time you feel too beat up to train, take a rest day. Even better, plan a rest day each week when you are free to relax, enjoy yourself and do NOTHING.

S&C Thursday Workout:
SL Bounds x4,
Wt Step ups x6;

KettleBell Swings,

What it’s like to Compete.

And Why Everyone should do it!

Upon completion of our weightlifting meet this past weekend, I feel that this is a good time to talk about competing.
Competition, although contrary to what most people believe, is not about winning, but about performing your best. In the sport of weightlifting it is an even greater test of ones self as you are all alone on the platform. No one can help you.

That is a sobering thought especially for someone who has played team sports their whole life. I also had a good run as an individual on the handball court, but even with individual sports like that you have time to recover from a mistake during the game. On the platform you have one chance to get it right and only a split second to make it perfect. For me, the toughest part of this sport is not the heavy squats or hard work you put in before the competition, it’s stepping out onto that platform knowing that you only have one chance to successfully lift the weight that is going to put you on the podium or prove to be your Personal Record and will set the stage for your training for the next couple months.

Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy the pressure. It is certainly something you have to get used to as the weights get heavier and you start reaching outside your comfort zone, but I think it is very rewarding to get up there and show everyone what you are made of regardless of your potential to win.

Stay posted for future weightlifting competitions. As a Strength and Conditioning participant, you can compete against your own weights and times. Blake’s assessment tests last week, are the perfect way to start tracking your progress throughout your training.

SL Box Jump x4,
FS x5;

3 sets:
15 Thrusters,
Rest 1 min

Sprouting Your Food

What does sprouting mean and what does it do?
Lets start back a couple steps and talk about food. All things that we as humans eat have a defense mechanism. Animals have something called consciousness that they use to keep themselves alive. When there is a threat, there is a fight or flight response that we as humans have as well. Fruits tend to have some sort of fibrous peel or protective shell. Veggies usually fall under the protective shell, but the veggies we eat tend to have different ways to disperse their seeds so the part that we eat is either not a fully mature plant (Broccoli) or has another method of releasing its seed.

Grains and some nuts have a different kind of defense mechanism that is chemical which simply means you can not see it. It acts on you when it is digested in your belly. These chemicals (different in grains and nuts/seeds) are called Anti-Nutrients. They just sound bad. If you are in love with these foods, there are a couple ways to decrease the presence of these Anti-nutrients. The best way, and easiest, is to sprout the nut or grain.

Sprouting allows the seed (nut or grain, both are seeds) to germinate and come alive. Once this happens, the seed deactivates the anti-nutrients which have been keeping it dormant and protecting it. The sprouting process allows the seed to begin its life cycle and therefore shed its need to protect the seed further.

Let step off for a side note really quickly: Grains are never okay for people that are sensitive to them. If you don’t know if you are sensitive to them then you need to pull them completely out of your diet for at least 30 days then intelligently insert them back into your diet and assess your condition. I am one of those people that are sensitive to grains so I may not be the best person to complain to about grains…

Sprouting nuts and grains is simple: Place the raw form of each into a bowl of water and let it sit for 12-24 hours. Usually, the longer it sits, the more anti-nutrients are dissolved (If the nuts or grains sit in water too long, you may end up with a small garden in the bowl. The goal is not to grow something, but rather to let it come alive then stop the process). Then take it out, drain it and let it dry. We like to dry our almonds in the oven, but in this weather you could probably put them on a baking sheet and set them outside. Our oven only goes down to 170 degrees so thats what we use. We keep them in the drying temp for up to 24 hours dependent upon how crispy you like them. Once this process is done you should taste a difference. These grains and nuts should be more refreshing and sometimes sweeter.

Have Questions? Bring them with you to class.

-Dutch Lowy

TRX Jump Squats x8,
SLDL x6;

10min AMRAP:
6 Burpee Box Jumps,
9 KettleBell Swings,
12 Wallballs