Lower Seminar Today!


Today is the day! We are excited to host the Lowers for an educational weightlifting seminar. We will be closed for Open Gym.

Advanced Lifters


Some of our “Advanced” athletes getting some good training in.

Strength & Conditioning Day 5:
Hang Snatch + Snatch x 1 + 1
Hanging L-Sit hold 1 minute total

100 wall balls
3 Burpee penalty for breaking pace

Them Hips, Though!

Avoid back injury, and improve your exercises with hip mobility!. Here are three of my favorite hip stretches that, over time, will make your workouts more pleasant.


Modified pigeon:
This is a great start for people with really tight hip rotation
– Sit on your hip fanning you legs apart with both knees at 90 degree angles
– Square off your shoulders and pull your body sideways away from your knee centering your heed with your shin and fold forward.
– 1-2 minutes each side




– Step into a lunge, front knee stacked over the heel, back leg long and extended on the floor
– Both hands are inside of the front foot, drive your elbows and chest toward the floor sinking into the hip letting the front knee fall to the outside keeping your front foot flat. Place your elbows on the ground if you can, if not this is a good goal.
– Hold 30 seconds to 1 minute
– Now walk your hands away from your front leg, push the knee out even more (keeping your foot flat) and sink towards the ground
– Hold 30 seconds – 1 minute
– Walk back to center and see if you can sink further




– On your hands and knees bring your knees apart trying to attempt a splits

– Keep your hips inline with your knees (not shifting back or forwards), fan your feet out (the inside of your foot should be touching the mat with ankles flexed at 90 degrees), keeping your knee angle at 90 degrees
– Now walk only your hands and arms forward sinking your head and chest straight down to the ground (still not shifting your hips forwards or backwards) keeping the hips inline with the knees
– Hold 1-3 minutes

-Coach Josh


Strength & Conditioning Day 4:

Broad jump x 3
Power clean & jerk x 1
Pullups 3 x 6

6 sets:
15 KBS
Rest 45 seconds

New Hoodies!


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Strength & Conditioning Day 3:

Halo Drills

FS x 4

5 sets:

5 KB clean & jerk

50m Farmers Carry