Lets start the week with a great bit of motivation from Blake. Enjoy!

Hey guys!

I just wanted to give you a brief message of encouragement. I have spent some time
within the past couple of weeks talking with many of you and getting to know you all on a more personal level, which has been fantastic. I’ve noticed that one area of discussion comes up quite frequently and that is your life outside of the gym and how it can sometimes seem overwhelming and stressful. I know that life outside of our little oasis which we call BlackBox can be difficult and create situations in which it is hard to justify going to work out. I know there are some mornings you would rather hit the snooze at 5am rather than getting up and lifting heavy weights and burpee broad-jumping across the gym at 6am.
I also know it could be easy to slip past the gym on your way home after a long, tiring, and maybe frustrating day at the office instead of repping out a heavy set of squats on the platform. I know that making it in everyday is hard and I understand that your body needs rest and recovery on certain days, but I just wanted to challenge you all to keep working hard and make it in the most you can. Family, friends, and jobs are all very important, but don’t forget…so is your fitness. You can do it!

-Coach Blake

Clean + Jerk 3+2
Press 5
Followed By:
3 sets of 3 min each, rest 1 min between sets
100 jump ropes
15 squats
10 push ups
5 pullups

Day 1:
Snatch x 1
FS x 2
Sn Pull x 2

Day 2:
Cl&J x 1
Push Press x 5
Good Morning x 8

Day 3:
Pwr Cl + Jerk x 1+2
BS x 4
Cl Grip GM x 6


Burpee box jump x8
BS x8

Tabata Row
Tabata AD
Tabata jump rope
any order


Keep posted to our pages in the next weeks! Starting in April, our coaches will be having occasional weekend seminars to showcase their knowledge and skills. If there is something you are looking to learn or brush up on your skills, feel free to make a suggestion in the comments section on our blog or on our facebook page.

Workout for Thursday:
Press 3RM
PP 90% of 3RM 1xmax rep
Suitcase carry

Row 1k
then: 3 sets of Pushupsx6 SA KBSx8, Situpx10
50 Cal AD


Seated box Jumps x6
Clean x3
Clean Pull x5

Any order break up if needed:
25 Ring Row
50 situps
25 DB thrusters