Monday Motivation


Ilya Ilyin World Record Clean and Jerk (242kg)

Monday S&C Workout:

KB Snatch x6
Superset x4:
A) 10 Ring rows
B) 8 DB push press
Rest 1 min

6 sets:
50m Sled Sprint
Rest 60-90 sec

Day 1:
Drop sn x 2
Snatch x 2
FS x 2

Day 2:
Jk Balance x 2
Cl+FS+Jk x 1+2+1
Cl Pull x 3

Day 3:
Hang Pwr Sn x 2
Pwr Cl&Jk x Max
BS x 3

Day 4:
Its Christmas…

One Month Away!


Today is the one month out mark from the Texas State Weightlifting meet! Our weightlifting team and coaches have been prepping hard in order to lift some heavy weights next month in San Antonio. We are all very excited to travel south and represent BlackBoxFW. Keep training hard guys!

Wednesday S&C Workout:
Plyo push-ups x8
Hanging Leg Raises x10

4 sets:
200m run
15 KBS