Hello Weightlifters!

I love weightlifting.  I love coaching weightlifting and I love helping people achieve their goals.  I also love running a top notch facility and making sure that everyone can be accommodated while training.  For this reason, we will be changing our weightlifting class policy.

Please take note of the following, as it will go into effect Monday, July 20th.

  • There will be two start times for weightlifters in the evening: 4:00 pm or 5:30 pm.
  • If you start your training at 4:00 pm, you will be finished (off the platform) by 6:00 pm
  • If you start at 5:30 pm (or later),  you will finish by 7:30 pm.
  • There will be no training outside of scheduled times for Weightlifting.
  • The 4:00 pm lifters should squat off of the platform if they are not finished by 5:30 pm to make room for the incoming 5:30 pm session.
  • The incoming session will have priority for racks and blocks.
  • All weightlifters should give room for S&C classes if they are using the platform.  Please check the board.

Thank you in advance for understanding and we look forward to seeing you crush PRs!!



Strength & Conditioning Day 3:

DB squat jump x6
BS x3
8 min clock
10 wall ball
50m farmers carry
5 walk outs

Texas Barbell Training Camp- Austin, TX August 1&2


AUGUST 1 & 2

Don’t miss out!! AUSTIN AND CENTRAL TEXAS! See the team in its final prep for the National Championships and train alongside us! Ursula will be coaching along with the athletes of Texas Barbell, who will both train and coach in our final fundraiser and camp before the 2015 national championships!!! Lots of technical work and feedback as you sling around big weights.

To register for the Texas Barbell Club Training Camp in Austin, TX 8/1-2, CLICK HERE


Strength & Conditioning Day 1:


Day 1:
Hip Sn x 2
Snatch x 1
Sn Pull W/ Pause @ knee up and down x 3

Day 2:
Hang Cl x 2
Jerk x 2
FS x 3

Day 3:
Snatch from Blocks x 2
Clean x 1
Sn Pull Blocks x 3

Day 4:
Back Squat x 5
Push Press x 5
Pwr Cl+PJ x 1+1

OPEN GYM This Saturday! 9 a.m.-11 a.m.


Saturday morning Open Gym! 9 a.m. to 11 a.m.!  Come on out!

Strength & Conditioning Day 5:

Bird dog drills
FS x3
With a partner complete 12 min AMRAP of:
10 DB Snatch
10 pullup or ring row
100m run
* 1 person working at a time

The Art of Coaching Weightlifting With Ursula Garza Papandrea

The Art of Coaching Weightlifting: BlackBox Fort Worth, September 4-6, 2015
The Art of Coaching Weightlifting is a 14 hour course over 2 plus days. The course explores a comprehensive philosophy and methodology and provides the information and tools to become a better and more knowledgeable coach. This course is not an argument in semantics; it IS a course that provides complete conceptual understanding of the lifts with full explanations of how and why. The course provides instructions on teaching novice lifters from movement assessment, to introducing a safe and effective weightlifting program to your gym. The course delves into common errors and a process for analyzing lifts in order to identify the root causes of technical errors. This is followed with the introduction of a variety of exercises prescribed to correct and improve mechanics, which exercises to assign and why. The course concludes with a lecture and overview of Bulgarian versus Russian programming methods.  Limit of 20 participants.

For more information/TO REGISTER: Click Here-The Art of Coaching Weightlifting EventBrite


Strength & Conditioning Day 4:

Box jump x6
Jerk x2
Ball slams x12
Suicides x5
Rest 3:1