BlackBox Upcoming Events

imagesBlackBox Fort Worth Prep Meet
November 22, 2014
Location: BlackBox Fort Worth

USAW Texas State Weightlifting Championships
January 17-18
Location: Hyatt Regency Hill Country Resort & Spa in San Antonio
Volunteer Link: TBA

Lower Weightlifting Seminar
January 31, 2015
Location: BlackBox Fort Worth

BlackBox Championships
February 7, 2014
Location: Fort Worth Convention Center
Link: TBA

Catalyst Olympic Weightlifting Seminar
March 14 – 15, 2015
Location BlackBox Fort Worth

Thursday S&C Workout:
Lunge + Goblet Squat x2+1
Weighted plank x4

5 sets:
50m Farmers Carry
8 KB Cl&Jk

Halloween Ideas

halloween pumpkinLooking for something to do with the kids on Halloween night? Don’t have any kids, but still want to celebrate? Check out the list we have researched.

Events for Children – Oct. 31 
Treat Street at Stockyards Station
Yogi Bear’s Fall Fiesta
Halls Pumpkin Farm
Spooky Sleepover at the FW Zoo
Harvest Carnival

Events for Adults – Oct. 31
Modern Art Museum Film
Hangman’s House of Horrors
Cutting Edge Haunted House
Rocky Horror Picture Show at Lakewood Theatre


Wednesday S&C Workout:

Superset x4:
8 KB Floor Press
10 Bent over Row
Rest 90 sec

1 min AD Test

Going Natural

Interested in going “all natural?” Looking for supplements? Needing a little gluten free or paleo treat? Ideally, your best places to buy natural products or supplements is online if you’re looking at price. As BlackBox Fort Worth likes to support local businesses, I would like to introduce you (if you hadn’t already known) to the Sunflower Shoppe off Camp Bowie. sunflower shoppe

The Sunflower Shoppe advertises as a natural food and vitamin store. If you do not regularly order natural productions or supplements items online, perusing the Sunflower Shoppe will give you the chance to look closely at the labels and ingredients in potential online items that you may purchase.

I will definitely suggest to sign up for the “savers card.” Yes, ANOTHER card; but you can look this one up through your phone number and it actually does save you money (based on the price you would pay in their store without it). The Sunflower Shoppe also offers discounts on the first Tuesday of every month (that is next week)!

This shoppe may not be AS fun as browsing the isles of Central Market, but it may get you in less “trouble.”

Read up more on the family behind the Sunflower Shoppe and their products here.

-Rhea Jackson

Tuesday S&C Workout:
Clean pull + Clean x1+1
plank up downs x20

odd: 3 Power cleans (75%)
even: 100m Sprint

What are You Training For?

Two weekends ago, I got an opportunity to watch one of the young athletes I train, play in a baseball tournament. It was fun to watch him compete outside of the gym and made me feel really proud of our product at BlackBox.

Collin got the start on the mound and pitched very well in the innings I watched. We won’t talk about him taking a called strike three on his first at bat though (ha)! I know he has big goals down the road and if he continues to develop like he has lately, then he will be successful.

It’s great to know that our BlackBox members are excelling outside of the gym in their activities, whether those are competitive or just for leisure. Activities like these are great motivators for working out. What are you currently training for?

-Blake Dunson

Monday S&C Workout:
Snatch x3
Lateral medball throw x8

75 Burpees :)

Day 1:
Hang Sn+Sn x 2+1
Sn Pull w/ 7 sec descent x 3
Sn PP+OHS x 3+2

Day 2:
Cl+FS+Fk x 1+2+1
FS x 6
GM x 8

Day 3:
Pwr Cl+Pwr jk+Jk x 2+1+1
Pwr Sn x 2
Cl Pull x 6

Day 4:
Hip Sn x 2 (2-3 sets)
Snatch x 2
Cl&J x 2
BS x 5