Coach’s Wisdom: From Coach Chris

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“Your body will always default to what ever it has done the most of.  Warm-up lifts and training should resemble max speed and effort.  This trains your body to always be fast and aggressive, and more importantly it will train your body to make lifts.” – Coach Chris Lofland

The take-away?  Missing lifts in training is a great way to teach your body how to miss lifts. Execute all of your lifts as though they were of maximal weights, and make your goal *making lifts*.  Train smarter! :)

Strength & Conditioning Day 3:

Lateral Plyo hops x 10

Push Press x 6

Plank with touch x 20


4 sets:

Run 1 suicide

20 KBS

Rest walk 1:1


No Open Gym This Saturday, March 14


We will be closed this Saturday for Open Gym due to the Catalyst Athletics Olympic Weightlifting Seminar & Certification.  Make sure you plan your training accordingly!  We will have Open Gym next weekend.

Strength & Conditioning Day 2:

KB Snatch x 5

Weighted Step-ups x 6/leg

Band twists x 8/side


200m run

30 wallballs

30 burpees

200m run

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Strength & Conditioning Day 1:

Power Clean + Clean x 1 + 1

Renegade Row x 8


Reps of 10, 9, 8, 7…

DB Thrusters

*25 Jumpropes between each set