Monday Oct 18, 2015

S&C Workout:
KBS x5
Superset x3:
SL Squat x5
Plank x45 sec add wt. if Nec.
Rest 90 sec

8 min clock
100m run w/ medball
10 medball slams
10 wall balls


Day 1:
Sn Drop x 1
Sn Blocks x 2
Sn Pull x 3

Day 2:
Cl+FS+Jk x 1+2+1
FS x 2

Day 3:
Pwr Sn x 1
Pwr Cl+Pwr Jk x 1+2
Cl pull x 3

Day 4:
Cl Blocks x 1
Cl Pull Blocks x 3
Push Press x 4

Friday October 16, 2015


Strength & Conditioning Day 5:
Suicide x4
4 sets:
B) 20 TRX MTN Climbers
Rest 30 sec b/t A&B

2 min Burpees
100m run
2 min Row
100m run

Thursday October 15, 2015


Strength & Conditioning Day 4:
Medball Jumps x8
Clean + Jk x2+1

100-80-60-40-20 reps of BURPEES…JK, Jump rope
*15 KBS between each set of jump ropes

IWF World Championships Hashtag Campaign #iLift


We really need your help as we prepare for the eyes of the world to be on Houston/Harris County when we host over 83 countries in November. Will you please post a video or photo this Tuesday using #ILift and tag @HoustonIWF2015 on your social media site? Even if you don’t lift weights… we all have our own “heavy lift” in life and ask that you please be creative in order to join in and help us create the buzz for ‪#‎HTown‬!

Strength & Conditioning Day 3:

Waiters Carry x3
Snatch + OHS x1+1

EMOM x8 Alternate
-12 wall balls
– Sled sprint x1