A great article to start off your week. Thanks Coach Diana!!
Some things that motivate and inspire me…


Iyanla is one of the many public figures that truly inspire me. Her words are motivating and geared toward challenging us to forgive, break plateaus and generally love deeper.

Another thing I’ve been getting into lately is the Dharma Seed app – available in the iTunes Store or at www.dharmaseed.org. Available are a huge list of Buddhist based teachings. I listen to whatever strikes my need at the time- and usually before bed. I promise you will have tons of lightbulb moments with this one.

Lastly- I love to read. I sometimes check out books and open them to random pages or skip to the useful parts. I find that I get exactly what I need at that moment.

Growth is about awareness. What’s inside of you is so powerful. Trust that the answers are there… All you have to do is listen.

This week I want to talk about your goals for the coming year. Why are they important to you? And what tools are you using to get there?

These are a few of my tools. I hope you find them useful! Looking forward to learning some new ones from YOU.

Coach Diana

Power Clean x3
Max rep chin up x3
Followed by:
In any order:
100 KBS
75 cals/AD or Row
50 Evil Wheels

Day 1:
Hang Sn+Snatch x 1+1
Sn Pull Knee+Hip x 3+3
Sn PP+OHS x 4+2

Day 2:
Hip Clean +Hang Clean x 1+1
FS x 5
Good Mornings or Back Extensions x 8

Day 3:
Pwr Jk+Jerk x 2+2
Cl+Jerk x 2+1
Bent over Barbell Row x 6


~~~ Happy Friday ~~~

Triple Jump
L-Sit or L-Hang 2 min

3 sets w/2-3 min rest btwn:
PC x 5
Row/AD 30 cals
10 v-ups/hollow rocks/situps
10 wall touches
10 high step ups


Lateral plyo skier hops x 8
OH Walking Lunge x 8
Evil Wheels x 8

:30 supine row
:30 plank /rest 1
:30 box jumps
:30 horse stance or wall squat hold/rest 1
:30 ball slams
:30 wall balls/rest 1
Repeat x 2 (done in sets of 2)



Windmills x 8
KBS x 10
KB Row x 8

50 Jump ropes
40 Squats
30 Hollow Rocks
40 Renegade rows 20ea arm
10 Pull ups


Be sure to check our events page for updated information on our teen summer camp starting in June.

Snatch x 2
Snatch pull x 5
Med ball throws 8ea side

12 min AMRAP w/partner
1.push prowler 2.KBS and switch
Rest 5 minutes
AD/Row sprint :30 x6-8
Rest 2:1