Texas Barbell Club Training Camp:BlackBox College Station


Did you miss the Texas Barbell Club Training Camp at BlackBox Fort Worth?  National Champions Texas Barbell Club and Coach Ursula Garza Papandrea will be visiting BlackBox College Station June 20th-21st!  Don’t miss out on this amazing training opportunity.

For more information and to register for the Texas Barbell Training Club Camp at College Station, CLICK HERE.

Strength & Conditioning Day 1:

Seated Box Jump x4
4 sets:
A) wt lunges x12
Rest 1 min
-jump rope
AD or Row

Day 1:
Snatch 90%x1x6
Sn DL+SN RDL x 1+2
Box Jumps x 4

Day 2:
Cl+FS+Jk x 1+1+1
Push Press x 6
Cl Pull W/Pause At knee x 4

Day 3:
Hang pwr Sn x 2
Clean x 2
FS x 4

Day 4:
Hang cl+Jk x 1+2
Snatch Blocks x 1
Sn Pull Blocks x 3

OPEN GYM Tomorrow Morning 9-11 a.m.


Open Gym tomorrow morning!  Yay!


Strength & Conditioning Day 5:

DB Snatch x 6

RDL x 4

Weighted Plank 4 x 30 seconds

Burpee repeat test