Weightlifting Week of Aug. 18

Weightlifting receives it’s own post today!

Day 1:
Snatch x 1 then 85% (of todays best) x 2×3 (%xrepsxsets)
Sn Pull W/ 7 sec descent x3
FSW/Pause x 4

Day 2:
Cl+FS+J x 2+2+1
Jerk x 2
Cl Pull x 5

Day 3:
BS x 6
3 sets of each exercise
Pullups x max reps
DB Bench Press x 12
Bent over DB row x 12
Standing tricep extensions x 12
Shoulder flies x 8 each way

Day 4:
Hang Sn x 3
Clean Blocks x 2
Sn grip RDL x 4

You may see something a little different in the weightlifting this week. Day 3 is a mostly Bodybuilding day. That may sound weird initially but let me explain further:

The first program I did in the weight room was a bodybuilding routine my dad taught me. I would largely attribute my body make up to that program and my ability to gain muscle mass relatively easy. It was broken down by body part each day so for example Chest day was always monday and back/biceps was tuesday or wednesday and sholders/triceps was thursday. Leg day didn’t exist. Sad I know, but I spent most of my childhood on the soccer field so my legs were the size of tree trunks even as a young kid.

The reason this is important to you is that most of you didn’t have this exposure to a muscle growth program like I was for years. It was the only way I knew to lift weights since I was 16. The benefit of this program was added body mass in the upper body, as well as joint strength and stability. For those of you that have not been on a program like that, you likely have less upper body development, less joint stability and strength and may experience joint related injuries from the repeated beating weightlifting takes on us all. Those with a greater muscle mass can handle more volume with less injury.

As a result, I think it’s important to get everyone exposed to a body building program during training periods that allow for more variety. Right now is one of those times. Because of your limited time in the gym on a weekly basis, we will only have one day, but I would be happy to give you more accessory work to do if you finish your workouts early or have time outside of the gym to get some work done.

We will also be requiring more core work, but will initiate that change next week so you aren’t too busted after this increased workload this week.

Finally, we will have a small peak for those of you going to the Copperhead in October and will be pushing everyone (with the exception of those the qualify for the American Open in December) to be in top shape for the State meet January 17/18 in San Antonio. I am hoping for a big turnout at state as our women’s team has a title to defend and the men are ready to make a statement! Let’s get some work done!

– Dutch Lowy

Improvements to the Gym

Lots of new items happening around the gym this month. We thought we’d fill you in!

We are super excited about having our own set of doors finished today!This will be the permanent entrance for BlackBox Fort Worth and YouPhoria Massage. There will be a new tenant occupying the front office and we would like to not disturb her and make sure she feels like she has her own space.


In having these new doors, we have a new mat. Help us by wiping your feet down before you enter the gym. Concerning the massage room, we request that you still be quiet as you enter when the signs are posted. Bathrooms are potentially going to be renovated with new tiles.

As for the exterior of the gym, we will be adding our name to the east side entrance. Please pay attention to any signs and construction going on in the next couple of weeks.

We are making these improvements for YOU so you can enjoy the place you workout!

Monday S&C Workout:
SL bounds x3,
Cl x1;

4 sets:
200m Sprint
Heavy Farmers Carry x1,
Rest 90 sec

#BarbellBaby2 is HERE!

We have a new addition to the BlackBox family! Baby girl Dylan Jean arrived this morning, Friday August 15th at 5:21 am. Mom and baby are doing well.

Try to hold your congratulations off for a couple days as Mommy and Daddy need some sleep!stork&baby

Pictures of #barbellbaby2 will be posted on our Facebook soon!


Also, on a less exciting note, our new doors are in! Entrance to BlackBox Fort Worth will continue to be on the East side of the building.

Supporting YOU

Who is the most important person in YOUR life?

If you don’t immediately answer that with your name then it’s likely you are not being very well supported and life is likely pretty stressful. Why would this cause more stress? To put it simply, the only person in this world that you CAN control is YOU. You can control when you go to bed, what you put in your mouth and whether you spend a little alone time each day to center yourself.

You can’t change what other people do and i’m certain that is a good thing. What you can change is what you do. Why is this important? If you are not supported, fulfilled, happy (choose your own adjective) then YOU can’t support those around you. I know other people are important in your lives and I’m not saying to leave them out on a limb all alone while you take time for yourself, but I am asking you to take time for yourself first. Without your own personal happiness, you will fail, at some point, to support the people that are important to you.

I have urged most of you to take a little personal time to sit in quiet, reflect and just breathe for the purpose of relieving stress, but now I ask you to do it so you can support those that you love in your life. It’s important to me that I support all of you which is why I make it a point to support myself. You should do the same.

-Dutch Lowy

Friday S&C Workout:
OH Plate Lunges x8,
Supine row w/ 3 sec negative x4;

8 min clock:
Heavy sled push w/ partner x1