Funny Photo Friday

cat nap here

At some point, we’ve all felt like this. Remember to not run yourself down by doing too much. Enjoy the time you have off.

Friday S&C Workout:
-Bear Crawl x3
-FS+JK x1+1

3 sets:
-20cal AD
-10 KB Thrusters
Rest 1:1

New Classes

BlackBox Fort Worth would like to introduce two new classes to you!


Strength Training for Cyclists:
This class is geared toward cyclists as well as other endurance athletes. The purpose of this class is to increases power and strength for endurance athletes and improve performance for their sport.
This new class will be coached by Josh Santiago running Tuesday and Thursday evenings from 5:30 – 6:30 pm.

women fitness stock
Women’s Only Class:
A morning class dedicated to women seeking to improve overall fitness through body weight movements, resistance training and conditioning exercises. Ideal for busy moms with children. Child care TBA.
This class, coached by Blake Dunson, will run three times a week on Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 10 am – 11 am.

Please contact our office at (817) 841-8678 for any interest in these two new classes or any of our other programs.

Thursday S&C Workout:
-SL Box Jump x4
-PP x4
-Wt Plank x3

4 sets:
-30 Jump Ropes
-5 Mr. Spectaculars
Rest 1 min

Trailhead Oct. 4

Our first Fall Trailhead event was last weekend. We had a great turn out! Thank you to all that attended and participated.

Here are some pictures from the event. We will be hosting a lower body workout on Saturday October 11 at 9 am. If you attend a Saturday workout, you will be welcome to come in to the gym for a free week of Strength and Conditiong classes the following week after your Trailhead attendance!

photo 3 (8)    photo 2 (10)    photo 5 (1)

photo 4 (8)    photo 4 (7)

photo 5    photo 1 (10)

photo 3 (7)    photo 2 (9)

Wednesday S&C Workout:
-SA KB Swing x8 (each side)
-Side plank 3×30 sec

EMOM x4:
-15 sec Row (Fast pace)
-Rest 2 min
-2k Row Time Trial

Roasted Peppers & Scrambled Eggs

Roasted Peppers and Scrambled Eggs
from Melinda Deckert
Ingredients roasted peppers & eggs
-2 eggs
-salt and pepper
-green onions (opt.)
-serrano peppers (opt.)
-feta cheese (opt.)
-1 tbs fat free milk (opt.)
1.Beat two eggs and optional milk until thoroughly blended.
2. Add salt and pepper to taste.
3. Add green onions, diced serrano peppers and a pinch of feta cheese
4. Roast one large red bell pepper on a skillet. Once the bell pepper is evenly roasted on every side you can remove from skillet and cook your eggs.
5. Remove the burned skin pieces from the bell pepper. Dice pepper in half and remove core and seeds (it’s easier to remove the core and seeds before you roast the Bell Pepper, but I like to have the Bell pepper stem when plating).
6. Stuff cooked eggs in bell pepper and enjoy!

Tuesday S&C Workout:
Wall Bug x30
Power Clean x2

200m OH Carry (R)
6 TGU (alternate)
200m OH Carry (L)
6 TGU (alternate)
200m Suitcase Carry